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Tomorrow (2005)
by Avon


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Year of Launch2005
AvailabilityIn Production
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One of a range of three scents: Today, Tommorow and Always. Tomorrow is an oriental scent.

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MadKat Show all reviews
United States
This and Far Away are my favorites from Avon (being an oriental lover).. While Today is a nice greenish floral, and Always is a nice aquatic kiwi & melon. TOMORROW is all about incense and spice to me. High quality from Avon.

The patchouli is very strong. I get some faint floral up front and woods are a noticeable backup player. It is warm and sweet also. Sillage is great, starts about a foot and still several inches after a few hours. Lasting power is also great at 6-7 hours.

I can wear this anytime of the day or night and in all but the hot summer months.

Top Notes: Raspberry, Patchouli, Pepper, Peach, Tagetes
Heart Notes: African violet, Indian jasmine, Neroli
Base Notes: Amber, Brazilian rosewood, Musk, Sandalwood
01st July, 2014
Like 'Always', I dont really find this one anything special...I like Today better out of the trilogy
27th March, 2010
My sister loves Avon perfumes and has a huge collection of them. Knowing my love of orientals she persuaded me to try Tomorrow. She also had a few other she wanted me to try, Rare Gold, Rare Rubies, Pink Leather. Now I hadn't worn Avon perfume since the early 70's and I remembered them as being inoffensive mostly with a couple being interesting such as Topaz which my grandmother wore and which I liked and Persian Wood an Aunt loved. Well Avon has changed over the years. All the perfumes, including this one gave me a headache. All of them, every last one, has to me an unpleasant, synthetic opening note that gives me a headache and makes me a little queasy.I couldn't believe it, and came back the next day to try a few more of her perfumes and all of them smelled exactly the same as soon as I tried them. There are other brands of perfume that give me a headache as soon as I smell them, but none have that unpleasant opening note. After that note disapeared, very rapidly I might add, I was able to appreciate some of the other notes in the perfumes, but there seemed to be hints of the unpleasant whatever it is in all stages of the perfumes.I have no idea what it is, what Avon has changed or done new to their perfumes but I can no longer abide them. I guess it is like Lipton tea, I hate it. Tastes and smells musty to me. No one else seems to notice any off flavors or smells so perhaps it is that my nose and sense of taste are somewhat skewed. Since the flaw may reside in me and not the perfume and because Tomorrow smells very nice on my sister, as long as I don't get very close to her, I'll make this a neutral call.
12th December, 2007
Very pleasant warm fragrance. Lots of amber and berries, smells creamy and sweet and also a hint of vanilla. The vanilla note is the only let down, otherwise it is very acceptable. Not one for a special event, but ideal for daytime and after the shower home alone.
17th April, 2007
I thought Tomorrow and the other two to the trio were better than others that Avon has put out, but it was way too sweet, flowery & powdery for me and I love sweet. I guess I was disappointed because it was supposed to be an oriental and all I could smell was sweet powder.
08th December, 2006
Wow! This I liked at first sniff too. The top notes can be a bit too sweet but later on, the scent changes into a very pleasing creamy (but not milky) almost white Icoa chocolate with raspberries that changes yet again for the basenotes into a beachy light floriental that has coconuts, sand and honey with a very attractive amber polished finish. Avon really went up a notch with this one in terms of complexity, light versus dark, balancing florals and gourmand notes into one “vacation” scent, that lasts too. Cheers!
30th October, 2006

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