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Passion Dance for Him (2004)
by Avon


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Year of Launch2004
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Passion Dance for Him

Passion Dance for Him is a masculine fragrance by Avon. The scent was launched in 2004

Reviews of Passion Dance for Him

Passion Dance was one of a myriad number of new male fragrances, either counterparts to new femme scents, or just standalone selections, that pushed their way rampantly though the new "Men's Shoppe" side of Avon, which was for all intents and purposes the second coming of the "Avon for Men!" campaign of the 60's; as for Passion Dance itself, it was perfectly passable, and fairly unique, but not terribly interesting. I can tell that they were looking for something really sort of like a "couples" scent with this one, just as some other designers were wont to do at that time, with complimenting bottles that fit into each other like puzzle pieces. Now I've never smelled the female counterpart to this, but I know that in territories where this is still being produced, only the male version remains now.

Passion Dance opens with some strong spice and warm sparkling fruit, something like a cherry perhaps. There's musk in there too, and it has a soapy quality in the dry down that is kind of interesting; the whole fragrance is a balance between the flat-out heat and spice of something like Dior's Fahrenheit and the sweet musky/soapy quality of Drakkar Noir. This strange compromise between formal/casual and romantic is both the biggest distinctive facet of this scent, but also it's greatest weakness. It just doesn't really know what it wants to be. I can feel some sort of accord in here that is also very reminiscent of nag champa, which is quite different for a western-based scent, and is perhaps why this is still made in some territories outside the US. It didn't last very long in the US, just about a year or so, but it's still going as of 2017 in other markets even though it's impossible to import stateside. Anybody who wants it in North America has to hunt down and fight over remaining NOS bottles, which are far fewer than even some much more vintage Avon scents because a lot less was sold.

Overall Passion Dance is a serviceable oriental/aromatic fougere hybrid, that will probably do better in workplace or formal environments than it's intended romantic use. It's sensual notes are far outweighed by it's soapier and cleaner elements, and the dynamic here makes for a neat idea but not one that really completes the intended objective. I give it a thumbs up because it is still a very pleasant and wearable scent, but it's only slightly above the din of average because of it's ambivalence of mood. This is definitely the scent for someone that wants to hint at being sensual but otherwise act fairly structured and buttoned down. It's a tease in a bottle, which actually might be really really appealing depending on the person.
26th September, 2017
I have passion dance for her and loved it so much, i bought the men's version for my husband. BIG disappointment. It is not unpleasant at all, but does not have the WOW factor that the female frag has. Not very good longevity either but for the price, who can complain too much.
01st August, 2007
Excellent fragrance:sensual,sweet, strong and probably the most long lasting fragrance of them all.Too bad Avon discontinued this one 2 years ago in my country:(
26th October, 2006

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