Rive Gauche pour Homme Light (2004)
    by Yves Saint Laurent

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    Gorgeous woody/floral scent. This stuff is fabulous!

    26 January, 2014

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    Damn, this stuff is good! Sucks it's discontinued, and hard to find. I obtained a bottle through a swap on BN, and am super glad I did, as it has become one of my signature scents.

    I have only tried the original twice, and found it to be too mossy, powerful, and sharp. This one is definitley similar, but with more lavender. Smoother and less sharp, less "old school", yet still lives up to the Rive Gauche brand. The shaving cream/barber shop inspired bottle fits well. This is not a watered down version of the original. This is full bodied, strong, has big projection and great longevity.

    I'll have to sample the original some more to do a full comparison, but as it stands now, this one is a real sleeper. 2 big thumbs up!

    17 April, 2013

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    This version of Rive Gauche strays very little from the original. That's not really a bad thing in my mind as Rive Gauche is one of my most versatile, enjoyable, masculine & highly complimented fragrances. Of course when I saw this on sale I just had to grab a bottle.

    Don't be fooled by the reference to 'light' in the name; as this is nearly as powerful as the original. There's only just a hint of mint in the opening and a slightly more muted anise note to tell the difference.

    If you can still find this and you love the original version, do yourself a favour and grab a bottle.

    09 September, 2012

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    I liked the original Rive Gauche but it was overpowering for me and others. If you like the Rive, this is a more wearable version and lasts all day.

    07 August, 2011

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    Rive Gauche Light is properly named. While some named light or extreme or intense only heightens to waters down a specific note or accord, Rive Gauche Light is simply a lighter version of Rive Gauche. Starts off with a barbershop style fougere accord and dries down soapy (oakmoss). Great for the office if you found that Rive Gauche was just too much.

    15 January, 2010

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    Wonderful-smelling but pointless flanker. Wonderful because, well, it's Rive Gauche. Pointless because it's just a slightly more dilute and less smoky version of the original -- but the differences are so slight as to be irrelevant for the most part. Still, a thumbs-up as it's RG, but there is very little reason to own this if you have access to the original.

    19 February, 2009

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