Boss Soul (2005)
    by Hugo Boss

    Boss Soul Fragrance Notes

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    A bit of a synthetic-sharp start develops into what initially appears to be another peppery-fresh and bland scent, but after about 1/2 hour the drydown gains in depth, adding a wood note that is supported by a bit of vetiver, musk and tonka-based sweetness that distinguishes it from
    similar products with little personality.  On me it never is really that sweet but quite smooth with a touch of balancing brightness.  Overall quite acceptable, with a decent longevity of about three hours.  One of Boss's more convincing creations. 

    05 February, 2013

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    Let me start off by saying when I first tested this on my hand I almost ran away from it. The initial blast to me was something medicinal and something hard for me to describe. I have learned that you can't judge a fragrance by a initial impression and that you should give it a full wearing before passing judgement. I got this dirt cheap and decided to give it a full wearing the other day and man oh man I am so glad I bought this. Yes its very subtle and the longevity could be better but the wood note in this is wonderful and I think if it had been stronger it might have been too cloying so I am actually glad its not stronger than it is. If I could describe this scent i would have to say it smells like nothing else on the market which makes this original in my book. If you find this dirt cheap don't be afraid to buy it. Give it a chance. I'm glad I did.

    15 July, 2012

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    Italy Italy

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    To me this is an unusual Boss's fragrance with its watery, citrusy but endly dusty-milky construction. I detect an aromatic squash of watery citrus-lavender (mainly orange-mandarin), than cinnamon, nutmeg and a musky amber-vanilla in the dry down. There is some bracing initial freshness in the aromatic water of citrus, lavender, spices, pepper and anise. The note of pepper is prominent in a way this reminds a bit in the beginning the first blast of the pappery Bang (like a sort of blend of Bang and Lolita Lempicka Au Masculine). The slightly balsamic temperament is sheer and it keeps its presence even as well as the almost gourmand vanillic dry down has fallen. Some woods give structure. The final issue is a spicy-orangy ambery concoction with a fresh-aromatic always present undertone.

    01st November, 2011 (Last Edited: 11th November, 2011)

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    Croatia Croatia

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    Rating thumb up: This scent really has some character. Dark, woody with a vibe of cherry liquorice. In notes and in group it is not a woody scent but it sure gives me a woodsy impression. There is this appealing dry sweetness that can't be ignored. This is not casual, not for the office, it is not sporty. This is for romantic occasion, it is masculine, serious, dark, deep, mystical and distinctive, somehow roughly gentle, subtle but strong, non provocative yet so noticable, somewhat brash but also elegant. Projection great for a while, longevity not as nearly good for this type of fragrance. A very good fragrance, well composed.

    Edit: after few wears I came to realise how much I didn't need this in my collection, how there are much much better fragrances taht I already own, am yet to own and am yet to discover. Now I'm rating this to neutral, in year or two I just might rate it to thumb down if I'll even bother to do it as now I see this is not even worthy enough to be bashed, but simply ignored.

    23 March, 2011 (Last Edited: 07 September, 2011)

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    I just loved this scent, orange, vanilla and cinnamon rules there. My second favorite BOSS scent.
    The only weak thing to say for this fragrance is its longevity... light as soul. :)

    26 December, 2010

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    Canada Canada

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    I can't believe I'm giving this a neutral rating. It is not my style at all, but it does a good job.
    It is very sweet, a gourmand-candy sort of thing. For me, a deep chocolate note dominates, perhaps with hints of nut and or coconut. A tasty little bonbon. I'd never wear such a thing, but some will like it.
    Dry-down retreats a bit from the candy, gets hints of leathery musk. Rather sophisticated in tone.
    Not too bad at all.

    22 December, 2010

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