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    Patchouli, Camphor, Cardamom, Cistus, Galbanum, Cacao

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    Denmark Denmark

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    Named after the year and provenance of the first South-East Asian patchouli to be introduced in Paris, Bornéo 1834 is a beautifully deep and earthy exercise on a warm tropical theme. After a sharp and intriguingly camphorous very brief opening, a glorious full-bodied patchouli soon emerges along with a distinctively dusty, almost powdery, cacao note. A typical Lutens feature, the underlying base consists primarily of sweet resins and various warm spices. After the rapid transformations in its initial phase, Bornéo 1834's subsequent development is very linear indeed, the patchouli-resins combination yielding a luxuriously deep and earthy sweetness that is both fulfilling and comforting, not to mention very long-lasting. In many ways a simple composition with a very clear and elegantly executed tropical theme, Bornéo 1834 is one of those truly great patchouli fragrances that you have to experience. Very highly recommended!

    26 March, 2014

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    Iran Iran

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    A simple but a really good and high quality fragrance.
    There are 6 notes in it but you will smell mostly patchouli, cocoa and warm honey sweetness and other notes are almost impossible to detect!
    The opening is a strong, sharp and earthy patchouli note mixed with heavy honey sweetness and cocoa all together.
    The sweetness is strong and it's honey like. it doesn't smell like vanilla.
    It's very sexy and yummy type of sweetness and it's not potent or offensive at all.
    The sweetness tune down the wild and earthy patchouli very much, but still you can easily detect patchouli.
    The cocoa and honey sweetness notes creating a very sexy charming scent and beside those, strong and earthy patchouli note give it a really nice masculine kick.
    It's linear and you will have this combo to the end.
    Projection is great and longevity is 8-10 hours which is pretty good.
    I like it.
    Serge Lutens fragrances never disappointed me!

    01st February, 2014

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    Colin Maillard
    Italy Italy

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    The top notes (e.g. the exotic "choco" accord) disappear really fast, it quickly turns into a warm, powdery and still somehow earthy fragrance, leaving behind the opening. The bad part is that this transformation occurs *really* quickly, that makes the whole life cycle of this fragrance not well balanced. It is still a great fragrance (so I am still giving it a "thumbs up" rating although it tends to neutral), I just wished the first part lasted a bit longer.
    To me it works better on garments.


    26 December, 2013 (Last Edited: 05 April, 2014)

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    Italy Italy

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    An uncompromising renowned patchouli with a mossy (oakmoss/ galbanum) substance, an unquestionable typical earthiness (supported by camphoraceous patterns) and a spicy/delicious cocoa soul (playing as subtle sweet undertone for a boise lingering main temperament). Still one of the best around despite (or may be due to) its simplistic approach. The sweetness is well modulated with an influencing but fairly balanced chocolatey presence. The evolution is not complicated, passing gradually from a spicy and rooty/camphoraceous beginning to a sweet and mossy dry down. Yes it owns tads of many patchoulis around from Coromandel (yes sweeter) to Patchouli Leaves passing through Angel and Reminiscence classic Patchouli but i detect in particular similarities with the Patchouli Noir by il Profvmo which is equally camphoraceous but is floral and replaces the cocoa with a plain note of vanilla. Not original for sure but well crafted and slightly decadent. Can't be missed by a patchouli lover collector. Powerful.

    21st December, 2013 (Last Edited: 22 December, 2013)

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    Polo's twin

    This is not a decent review. And I can't give this Lutens a fair chance because it simply reminds me too much of the original Polo--which was the everyday scent of a past SO. Perhaps I am the only person who makes this unfortunate connection.(Between it and Polo, not between it and my ex!) And perhaps you love Polo! I, too, used to think it an excellent fragrance until I smelled it all day, everyday in the company of a not-so-nice human being. So...

    Truthfully, I am not a huge fan of patchouli. I love it in Bruno Acampora's musc and as an accord with other notes, but here it is definitely the star, so to speak. If however, you love patchouli and bitter chocolate and Polo in the green bottle, this could the fragrance for you!

    Pros: hmmm
    Cons: too reminiscent of my love life"

    03 October, 2013

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    Italy Italy

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    sexy patchouli in a jungle kick!

    12 November, 2012

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