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Arpège pour Homme (2005)
by Lanvin


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Year of Launch2005
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PerfumerOlivier Pescheux
Parent CompanyInter Parfums

About Arpège pour Homme

Almost eighty years after the original female version was launched comes Arpege for Men. What's next? Mitsouko Man? Youth Dew for Men? Habanita Homme? Rive Gauche pour Homme.. hmm wait a minute..!

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Reviews of Arpège pour Homme

Stardate 20170410:

Iris,spice,vanilla,sandalwood goodness. Had to be discontinued cause it is good.

I someone asks me what is THE Oriental fragrance I would point to this. Not Shalimar.

This is Shalimar Pour Homme but better.I am surprised it was released this century. No wonder it flopped.

Try to get it while you still can.

10th April, 2017
Similar to Burberrys for Men (1992), but no (or less) mint, and there's a wood note here that's not great, but that adds a contrast to the ambery sweetness and makes it interesting to sample.
01st April, 2017 (last edited: 19th April, 2017)
Sweet and slightly spiced vanilla. Reminds me of Michael Jordan Legend and little bit. Not bad, just a little too sweet for me.
15th January, 2017
WONDERFUL scent from Lanvin - a shame that it was discontinued. I purchased a bottle from a local Lord and Taylor's store over ten years ago, and still to this day, Arpège doesn't disappoint!

The interplay between pink pepper, lavender, neroli, and jasmine is quite pleasant. It is classy, not loud nor cloying, and mellows out nicely with the woody and the vanilla base notes. And the bottle is well-designed and unique.

Not easy to find nowadays except online, Arpège pour Homme is a treasure to behold and worth a try.
10th December, 2016

The best LANVIN fragrance in my mind.My first impression of this fragrance was ROMANTIC. It's Warm with a potent touch of Vanilla without being too Cloying or Heavy. Elegant,Alluring,Classic, Sensational,Stylish,Rich and Surprisingly Yummy!

It opens with a blast of Sweetness and a Citrus note.Jasmine makes it Charming in the Heart.The vanilla has a Warming Effect,making it the perfect Winter Fragrance.In fact The base Notes Elements detract from the Masculine. This Scents sure to Atract the Ladies.

ARPEGE PH is Little More Formal and Less Romantic than GIVENCHY PI.This EDT is what you wear when you want The ambiguity of Your age to enhance your Emotion.Great for when you plan on making a Lasting first impression. Totally A Great Night Scent I Adore it.


Longevity?Good on my skin.

17th May, 2015
Arpège pour Homme is an unpretentious scent which I’ve always considered fairly underrated for its value. It is not a masterpiece and not even a “great” scent, but it’s a good, solid mainstream fragrance which would surely fit many perfumistas’ shelves – if they only knew how actually good it is. The genre here is the sweet-powdery-ambery-spicy “metropolitan” and contemporary à la Dior Homme, plus a slight similarity with the equally underrated Jil Sander Man by Wasser & Menardo: here, as in Arpège, there is violet, sandalwood and a soft, polished, synthetic leather note (which I don’t see listed for Arpège, but I clearly smell it). Arpège pour Homme is somehow halfway these two, but spicier, warmer and more Oriental than both, especially in the first stages of its evolution. It opens with sandalwood, violet, spices (comprising also a “juicy” red pepper note), cardamom and tonka, amber, a refreshing yet subtle and silky citrus-bergamot breeze, a woody-balsamic note and a light, mellow and soft leather note. Soft, clean, effortless and “office-safe” elegance, with the right amount of versatile “mainstreamness” but without smelling generic or boring. I used this scent some years ago, right after its release, and I recall it was not a commercial success as I remember buying it for pennies in a mall; once I finished my bottle (which occurred quickly as back then I used mostly 1-2 scents at a time), I did not buy again until now. And now that I smell it again, I realise how distinctive it was, as it did not remind me any other scents – and I surely tried hundreds in the meantime. So, anyway: a bit mainstream, but not dull at all. As I said, the reference may be Dior Homme, not for an actual similarity of notes (well, just a bit), but more for the general inspiration behind this scent; it’s one of those mid-2000s sweet, mellow, soft and slightly feminine scents aimed at a sort of “urban”, thirty-something and office-safe kind of elegance, a bit glossy and trendy too (did we have the term “metrosexual” for this?). Finally, the drydown of Arpège is even better than the first phase, as it’s woodier, smokier, a bit darker and more dry, less “rich” than the opening, still irresistibly powdery and soft. Perfect sillage and solid longevity. Quite unisex too. It’s discontinued but you can still find it for cheap – and my advise would be to grab it, in case.

09th November, 2014

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