Obsession Night (2005)
    by Calvin Klein

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    Australia Australia

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    This fragrance struck me as being very unique, also being very different to what I expected it to smell like. Obsession Night in my mind, was a darker and sexier version of the original Obsession, perhaps a little smokier and sweet. In reality, Obsession Night is mostly a gentle floral with some masculine qualities, a tad too musky and in some ways synthetic, but not in an unpleasant way.

    Everytime I smell this fragrance, I'm stuck for words to describe it. It's non-descript yet rather appealing. The scent itself is quite subdued, mostly a nice blend of clean white florals, a hint of sweet citrus and dusty vanilla.

    Towards the drydown is where Obession Night begins to smell slightly masculine. It has a somewhat woodsy, pencil-shavings kind of smell to it. After awhile the scent does bore me, however if I bring my wrist to my nose and inhale deeply, I am once again intrigued and fascinated.

    Obsession Night may be one of those fragrances that grow on you. As I'm reviewing this fragrance now, I almost feel bad for saying what I've said in the previous paragraphs, because the more I smell it, the more I begin to like it.

    Smelling it again, it almost smells like baby wipes. I must add that I like the scent of baby wipes. My opinions on this fragrance are continually changing. I don't believe that it's possible for me to come to any kind of conclusion.

    In terms of sillage and lasting strength, I'll give this fragrance the thumbs up. All I have left to say is that this is an interesting scent, rather smooth, sometimes creamy, and generally likable.

    04 April, 2012

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    I have owned all 4 versions of Obsession and have enjoyed them all but I must say that Obsession Night bears no relation to the original.
    Its a very nice fragrance, but sadly not in the same class as its older sister. It doesn't have that power or the instant recognition but its a pleasant enough floral which starts off with rather bitter citruses. The fruits don't stay for long, giving way to a powdery floral pretty quickly. I'm left with a delightful cashmere vanilla that stays with me several hours.

    19 March, 2012

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    United States United States

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    Obsession Night is a pleasant floral and amber fragrance that does nothing to stand out, yet really does nothing wrong either. It was a Calvin Klein fragrance that I found easy enough to wear.

    It opens with a very sharp citrus that quickly fades into an indistinct, abstract floral. Lily stands out as the only note here that I could identify, but it is mostly a white, blended floral. The amber creeps in to offset any sharpness, and it is a nice amber note that does not drown in sweetness, but offers some weight to the mid notes. But there is a masculine smelling, generic woody drydown to this fragrance that was just a tad too sharp for me to enjoy.

    I would certainly put this in the unisex category, as the citrus and woody drydown brought to mind the standard masculine formula. It was certainly wearable, but did absolutely nothing to make it unique.

    A nice, everyday fragrance that will not offend. It is not dark or deep, not a floral that stands out as feminine. But it is somewhat saved by a pleasant amber throughout much of the lifespan of this.

    29 November, 2011

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    England England

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    First of all, don't expect this to bear too much resemblance to the original Obsession, & second, don't be fooled by the addition of the word "night". This stands up as a lovely fragrance in it's own right, & for me it works well as a daytime scent.
    l get a citrussy opening, & then some floral notes, possibly tuberose & magnolia. The amber appears after 20 minutes, & at this point it strikes me as very similar to L'Instant! The sillage is soft, but it's actually quite long-lasting, especially in a warm environment.
    This has been discontinued, but still seems to be easily available on ebay, so if you want to try it, get it while you can!

    13 February, 2011

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    United States United States

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    first perfume i've ever bought a second bottle of
    before finishing the first
    the only way it can be mistaken for a
    is by someone who
    doesn't like to


    no, tastes differ
    but this and mitsouko

    ...i'll buy again
    and again
    til the "they" run out

    30th July, 2010

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    United States United States

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    Far to clingy & cloying for me. It's living in the back of my mouth, which isn't a good thing when a fragrance doesn't like you and you don't like it. I will give this a try again in the winter months, but I don't think the verdict will be good.

    28 April, 2010

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