Une Folie de Rose (2004)
by Les Parfums de Rosine


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Year of Launch2004
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseLes Parfums de Rosine
PerfumerFrançois Robert

About Une Folie de Rose

Une Folie de Rose is a feminine perfume by Les Parfums de Rosine. The scent was launched in 2004 and the fragrance was created by perfumer François Robert

Une Folie de Rose fragrance notes

Reviews of Une Folie de Rose

Like a rich fruit cake; where the weight of spices and dried fruit and time passing has rendered any former sweetness into a bitter dark memory, yet you believe it must be sweet because it's still called 'cake'. This is a nighttime rose, an essence left in the barrels once the girly happy fruity summery roses have been distilled away and forgotten. Under the rose lurks a morbid patchouli that twists the rose into to a not quite so nice graveyard sweetness, the oakmoss and spices adding to the earthiness. I also get licorice and dry incense. My husband thinks this is a great chypre, I find it unsettling and on the edge of nauseous. This doesn't make it bad, just not for me.
11th November, 2012
A nice dark rose. Apparently, it's technically a chypre, but it's core and most of what I smell is that synergy you get when you mix the classic attar ingredients of patchouli, rose, and sandalwood. There's also a baby powder smell that I think is what is causing the "old lady" complaints. Despite the official notes, if you can imagine a powdery Portait Of A Lady, or even Montale's Black Aoud with the rubbery medicinal oud taken out (but retaining the remarkable depth of the patch/rose combo) and replaced by powder, that's about what I think Un Folie De Roses mostly smells like.

As a matter of personal taste, I much prefer the smell of oud over the smell of baby powder, so I'd go with Montale over Folie, but this is nicely done and worth the thumbs up.
14th June, 2012
Old fashioned and old smelling, like it had been left in the bottle too long. Opens well enough with vapours of soft, sweet, lightly spiced rose, until a sharp, fusty sandalwood-dominated spike rises to eviscerate its belly. This one's a doddering aunt clad in yellowing furs, with pancake slap and hair sprouting out of the mole on her chin.
But hark, what's this? A few days later, I return for furtive further sniffs. And by my second wear, there's romance in the air. This one's doing funny things to my head. Must remember: addictions are usually damaging to health. Must remember: screwed up look of disgust on partner’s face when I first tried this.
04th May, 2012
It resembles Lady Vengeance, but just a little darker (the oakmoss and vetiver). This really should be classified as a unisex. The men's selections from Rosine are their very worst ones, but don't despair, some of these "feminine" Rosine frags can work for us guys. Case in point.
04th March, 2012
Les parfums de Rosine UNE FOLIE DE ROSE has a slightly dark and dirty, oakmossy edge. The rose petals seems somehow black around the edges in this perfume, imparting a distinctly gothic feeling to the composition as a whole. I would describe the overall effect as somewhere between a floralized light leather and a rose chypre.

Although to my nose this is a fairly linear presentation, it might open up differently under various weather conditions, and I suspect that it would heat up quite nicely on the skin in the depths of winter. I'll save the rest of my generous sample for now and try again once the temperature has dropped this fall...
30th July, 2011
What a pretty, spicy, rose chypre! I agree, it's definitely more chypre than floral. I could see how, if this one goes wrong, it goes really wrong, because it's definitely not a shrinking violet. NB: I dabbed, rather than spraying, which probably reduced the aldehydes, as well as the potency.
14th October, 2009

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