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Vanilla Vanille
by Body Shop


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About Vanilla Vanille

Vanilla Vanille is a feminine perfume by Body Shop.

Reviews of Vanilla Vanille

When looking for a very simple vanilla juice for layering purpose, I thought I'd give this one a try, expecting the Body Shop's perfumes to be simple and straight up. Unfortunately this wasn't. It was some kind of vanilla alright, but not a warm and comfortable one like the real pods, instead I got something that smelled extremely like vanilla yoghurt. Very sour.

Some hours after trying to scrub it off it actually become somewhat softer and deeper, but the memory of the first half of the wearing still makes this a thumbs down.
02nd July, 2011
I wasn't really interested in perfumes when the original formula was on the shelves, so I'm doing a review based on the reformulated version.

This is a rather complex fragrance for something that should only be vanilla and not much else. The Body Shop would learn a lot if they observed the ways in which Demeter compose their scents. Simplicity is often more.

I do happen to like the warmth and creaminess of the vanilla in this fragrance. Wearing this is quite comforting and cozy. However, there is a slight fruitiness that comes and goes at random intervals which puts me right off. Although the citrus notes are quite faint, they still have a strong presence next to the vanilla.

I would describe and class this scent as a gourmand seeming that it's rather foody and sweet. It reminds me a little of vanilla icecream, but in my opinion this is not appealing to my nose.

Perhaps if you layer this scent with a nice and delicate floral fragrance, it could smell passable, however I won't be buying this perfume oil, even at its inexpensive price, to try this.

26th April, 2011
Perfume Oil.

Horrible. Nightmare vanilla; a real scrubber but the problem is it won't go away easily : You have to rinse and rinse your ass off until it vanishes only to be a loathed memory.
It's basically exactly the same stuff (to the nth degree) they use in those yellow vanilla Wunderbaums, and I have always hated the way they smell.

This lethally cloying and strong fragrance is a tough trial to my nose. Overall, it's just about as charming as a tapeworm.
15th March, 2011
This is definitely vanilla. I love vanilla but I prefer it to be mixed with other scents. This is much too sweet. If you like edible type scents, I would highly recommend this.
19th August, 2010
When paired with the right body chemistry, this scent is comment worthy. It is warm, very gourmand with a hint of jasmine to give it some depth. The first half hour or so is overly sweet, but the dry down is well worth the wait. Men and woman alike seem to find this a pleasing fragrance, as it is very "yummy". My only gripe with this scent is its very short longevity. It would be a good scent for a date (a rather short one).
13th January, 2009
Smells like vanilla, vanilla and delicious, mouth-watering vanilla! Men love this. It is my fail-safe seduction elixir. I adore this perfume, yet I miss the more natural, headier older version. Unfortunately: the bigger bussinnes the Body Shop is; the lesser original and natural the products are.
22nd December, 2007

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