10 Corso Como (1999)
    by 10 Corso Como

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    Netherlands Netherlands

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    A fragrance that has apparently had glory days but the present iteration is a rather flat if pleasant sandalwood with sweet breath and somewhat sweaty edges. Disregard the alcoholic opening, 10 Corso Como soon settles into its mild woodsy smile which it holds for the length of its stay. A bit of a plain Dwayne.

    21st February, 2014

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    United States United States

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    I find this boring. It sits very close to the skin, I pretty much have to press my nose right into the skin to smell this at all.

    Once I put it on, Corso Como is a weak, bitter vertiver layered on dry, bleached sandalwood. There is a hint of oud around the background, but it is not very noticeable, and I am not a fan of oud. This ends up smelling both medicinal and bland; it most reminds me of a wooden tongue depressor, with something herbal at the edges.

    As it warms up, the vertiver comes out more, and I detect a strange sweetness. It doesn't make much difference to me; I would not recommend this.

    05 January, 2013

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    England England

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    l have seen this one compared to Costes, but to my nose the two are quite different. l get a strong woody incense in the opening, but none of the rose. What l get instead is a note l can only compare to sweet pickle. l keep hoping it will go away, but having noticed it, l cannot ignore it. l sense a rather friendly oudh trying to get out from beneath it, but the pickle note just ruins this fragrance for me. lt hasn't changed at all when the fragrance fades out around four hours in, but at least the projection is mercifully low, otherwise l would have scrubbed it off long before that.

    04 January, 2013

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    Canada Canada

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    Here are the notes I saw listed: sandalwood, frankincense, musk, rose, geranium, vetiver, Malay oud.
    This is a very subtle, close to the skin scent. The incense is very smooth, and the sandalwood is creamy. There are mere hints of green-coniferous frankincense and rose; and even a fainter hint of tangy oud. Overall the scent is beautiful, perhaps just a bit too smooth and restrained to really attract my attention. However, I cannot fault it and I am sure that many will find it very nice.

    25 November, 2011

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    Italy Italy

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    I appreciate the clean complexity and translucency of this silent incensey  fragrance. It reminds me a sort of less aromatic and slightly more incensey kind of Cardinal. The woodsy smell conjures to me a green graveyard with some smoke around, the aromatic odour of moss and pine resins soaring in the air, the smell of white roses and geraniums coming out from  the chapels and the fruity aroma of the country around whirling under your nose. The blend of sandalwood and incense, the backbone of the fragrance, is perfectly balanced and aromatized by the woodsy chord of musk and resins. The vetiver expresses its words since the beginning but is not rooty indeed smooth and civilized in its link with a touch of amber. The final outcome is woodsy and incensey remaining clean and moody without traces of dustiness or prickliness. The mysterious, almost sinister, aura exuded reminds me a bit Serge Noir that smells more sweet and mellow under my nose. A well made fragrance for solitary souls under the sky.

    07 October, 2011

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    United States United States

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    CORSO COMO 10 occupies the same olfactory neighborhood as FEU D'ISSEY, but is said to be for men not women (QED). The story here is strong spicy woodiness. The source of the spice is incense/oud and the dominant wood is sandalwood. The overall feeling is very warm and powerful, as this eau de parfum has real heft with fairly big sillage. CC 10 is a good example of a wrist sniffer that is not at all sweet. The composition really has an addictive quality such that I find my nose naturally drawn to me wrists despite the cloud of sillage. This is a substantive woody oriental that I'd love to add to my collection for cold weather wear. Indisputably unisex, CC 10 would work for anyone who likes FEU D'ISSEY, and also some who do not, since the troubling wet-woody opening is nowhere to be found here. No, not at all.

    01st July, 2011 (Last Edited: 09 July, 2011)

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