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Ormonde Man (2004)
by Ormonde Jayne


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Year of Launch2004
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseOrmonde Jayne
PerfumerGeza Schoen
Creative DirectorLinda Pilkington

About Ormonde Man

Ormonde Man is a masculine fragrance by Ormonde Jayne. The scent was launched in 2004 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Geza Schoen

Ormonde Man fragrance notes

Reviews of Ormonde Man

I don't get green or woody. To me, this is aldehydic and powdery - bordering on cloying. Too bright, too formal.
15th May, 2017
I like cardamom but the longevity on this one is weak. It's a spicy juniper cardamom bolsted by sauna wood. It's different enough that some people will choose it for formal or office wear. The oudh softens the wood and the musk cleans it up.
21st April, 2017
To me it smells mostly woody-green with aspects of pepper, white florals and musk. It is well blended and gives a good projection and lasts quite long.

The only 'problem' is that it is obviously built mostly on synthetic compounds and I get this feeling of a woody-green fragrance that doesn't really smell natural. It smells good, but there is an element of synthetic-ness in it, I feel.

It is a unisex fragrance in my opinion and will fit equally well on men and women.
11th February, 2017
It is refined no doubt, but almost refined to the point that it becomes over-balanced. It feels like Ormondo Jayne is so eager to express almost every statement of modern masculine fragrances - it loses distinction to its voice.

But on the other hand, it DOES express almost every statement of what i associate with modern masculinity in perfumes, and it does every one of those statements better than most. Beautifully balanced and without a trace of dissonance.

Effortless elegance, but a tiny bit boring.
13th April, 2015
The opening of Ormonde Man is quite bold and almost overwhelming at first; all I smell is a slightly syrupy sandalwood note, citrus, spices (a load of cumin and red pepper), vetiver, cedar, and a strong salty note with a slight camphor aftertaste that I guess comes from musk. Basically, imagine a bold woody-spicy scent with a sweet-salty vein, and a vibrant Mediterranean aromatic herbal breeze (juniper?). The oud note is really light, more just a dark medicinal feel on the base. That’s pretty much it, for hours. Frankly this fragrance left me completely indifferent: I find it quite static, cloyingly thick, and too “powerfully generic” to be at least “safely” refined or elegant. Honestly it smells to me like whatever spicy-fresh-boisé designer scent, just “on steroids”, louder and more concentrated. Not bad, but... meh!

15th January, 2015
Genre: Woods

If Ormonde Man were a color, it would be charcoal gray. It goes on dusty-dry and herbal, smelling of rosemary, pepper, and sage. A tightly integrated oudh accentuates the peppery accord, which is sweetened only slightly by spices in the background. All of this rests upon foundation of sharp-edged woods and vetiver, and though no incense notes are listed, the combination of oudh and spices leaves me with the impression of a dry, craggy incense fragrance. Ormonde Man’s mossy, vetiver-flavored drydown is both rugged and austere – I only wish it lasted longer. The fragrance runs its course within two or three hours, even when applied generously. After a few days’ wear I've decided that I like the stuff but it hasn’t knocked my socks off. And at Ormonde Jaynes’s price point and two hours duration, it would need to leave my toes showing.

I’ve been revisiting some of the Ormonde Jayne scents, and while I have found one or two my thoughts have evolved on, Ormonde Man is something else altogether. In this case, I’d hardly recognize the scent I’m wearing from my previous description. Yes, I smell the oudh, the aromatics, and the pepper, but all are cloaked in such a brisk, green, resinous conifer accord that I’d hardly characterize the overall effect as “dusty-dry.” If anything, it’s the smell of my adopted home’s soaring conifer forests after a cool spring rain. “Charcoal gray?” No, dark green is more like it.

I’m not smelling incense this time around, nor would I describe the vetiver and wood base notes as “sharp-edged.” Rugged and craggy, yes, but too rounded to be truly “austere.” The scent is now lasting much longer on me -or I’m habituating less rapidly. In any case, I’m getting far more than two hours’ wear out of Ormonde Man, though the scent is without question understated at all times. In short, I like it much better the second time around, and will obtain a bottle for my spring wardrobe forthwith.
22nd June, 2014

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