Ormonde Man (2004)
    by Ormonde Jayne

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    Ormonde Man Fragrance Notes

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    Ormonde Man is a men's fragrance by Ormonde Jayne. The scent was launched in 2004

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    50ml EdP
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    Italy Italy

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    The opening of Ormonde Man is quite bold and almost overwhelming at first; all I smell is a slightly syrupy sandalwood note, citrus, spices (a load of cumin and red pepper), vetiver, cedar, and a strong salty note with a slight camphor aftertaste that I guess comes from musk. Basically, imagine a bold woody-spicy scent with a sweet-salty vein, and a vibrant Mediterranean aromatic herbal breeze (juniper?). The oud note is really light, more just a dark medicinal feel on the base. That’s pretty much it, for hours. Frankly this fragrance left me completely indifferent: I find it quite static, cloyingly thick, and too “powerfully generic” to be at least “safely” refined or elegant. Honestly it smells to me like whatever spicy-fresh-boisé designer scent, just “on steroids”, louder and more concentrated. Not bad, but... meh!


    15th January, 2015

    Way Off Scenter's avatar

    United States United States

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    Genre: Woods

    If Ormonde Man were a color, it would be charcoal gray. It goes on dusty-dry and herbal, smelling of rosemary, pepper, and sage. A tightly integrated oudh accentuates the peppery accord, which is sweetened only slightly by spices in the background. All of this rests upon foundation of sharp-edged woods and vetiver, and though no incense notes are listed, the combination of oudh and spices leaves me with the impression of a dry, craggy incense fragrance. Ormonde Man’s mossy, vetiver-flavored drydown is both rugged and austere – I only wish it lasted longer. The fragrance runs its course within two or three hours, even when applied generously. After a few days’ wear I've decided that I like the stuff but it hasn’t knocked my socks off. And at Ormonde Jaynes’s price point and two hours duration, it would need to leave my toes showing.

    I’ve been revisiting some of the Ormonde Jayne scents, and while I have found one or two my thoughts have evolved on, Ormonde Man is something else altogether. In this case, I’d hardly recognize the scent I’m wearing from my previous description. Yes, I smell the oudh, the aromatics, and the pepper, but all are cloaked in such a brisk, green, resinous conifer accord that I’d hardly characterize the overall effect as “dusty-dry.” If anything, it’s the smell of my adopted home’s soaring conifer forests after a cool spring rain. “Charcoal gray?” No, dark green is more like it.

    I’m not smelling incense this time around, nor would I describe the vetiver and wood base notes as “sharp-edged.” Rugged and craggy, yes, but too rounded to be truly “austere.” The scent is now lasting much longer on me -or I’m habituating less rapidly. In any case, I’m getting far more than two hours’ wear out of Ormonde Man, though the scent is without question understated at all times. In short, I like it much better the second time around, and will obtain a bottle for my spring wardrobe forthwith.

    22nd June, 2014

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    Iran Iran

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    This fragrance opens up with a very fresh and pleasant, but also very generic combination of bergamot that give the scent a fresh and tart citrusy aroma and also juniper that give the scent a green and herbal and at the same time sweet fruity feeling.
    I can smell some woods too but it's in the background.
    It's fresh, fruity, soapy with some woods and some green notes.
    The opening was pleasant and kind of disappointing for me but things got very interesting in the dry down and base of the fragrance.
    As time goes by, the scent has that fresh and herbal aroma in a nicer and smoother way, but it gets woodier and darker and suddenly some spices joined in and this is the lovely part of this fragrance.
    The dry down and base are bitter dark woody scent of oud and cedar with noticeable amount of pepper and some fruits and citruses in the background plus a little amount of vanilla.
    Projection is OK and longevity is around 6-8 hours on my skin.
    The base of the fragrance is woody and spicy but it's not that strong and also because of those fresh and green notes you will have a versatile fragrance which you can wear all year round.
    There is nothing unique and different about it but it's very pleasant, versatile, well balanced and wearable.

    30th January, 2014

    Francolino's avatar

    Italy Italy

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    Post modern take on old day scent. Herbal green, pepper undertones. Oriental woody, spicy juniper, woody drydown. Low duration for an edp

    25th September, 2013 (Last Edited: 29th December, 2013)

    Jack Hunter's avatar

    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    On first application to your skin you get a really invigorating blast of fresh spicy juniper berries and bergamot which leads into a spicy creamy heart of woods and pepper. Mixed in with this is the oud and cardamom and other spices.

    The opening is really good then it seems to settle down to boring creamy woody accord. But this is where I nearly misjudged this fragrance because I was smelling this up very close on my wrist.

    When I went out the scent transformed and unfurled into a amazing haze of subtle green sappy spices and creamy woods all around me. It was subtle but smelling this scent when it takes to the air was very different from up close.

    It smelled really good but in a enigmatic way where I was at a loss how to interpret what I was smelling as it was different from what I'm used to. It must be the oud and hemlock notes in this giving the green spicy notes a air of mystery.

    Good fragrance and one that must be smelled when it takes to the air and surrounds you and not judged too quickly by smelling it up close.

    03rd April, 2013

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    Brazil Brazil

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    A great woddy aromatic perfect for everyday use. Its very versatil you can wear in any ocasion and any weather (on summer just a couple of sprays will do the trick). Its not linear but it doesn't evolve significantly eather.

    It opens very green and fresh, I detect cardamom and juniper the overal felling is woody, dusty and has hints of cut grass I also smell somenthing sparkling and earthy here almost like coke. Then the aromatic accord fades and you are left with the dry woddy heart. Now here its all about ceder, sandalwood and I dare say oud (eventhoug i'm not sure it is realy here) Its very creamy, dry and cedery, like if you where smelling wood that was recently cut, and I must say it is somewhat a bit resinous too. Very whell done!

    Now the bottom is the olnly part that I don´t love, but I like. Its very sinthetic and almost cheap, but they menaged to escape the green sinthetic woods accord that you find in other fragrances, and I guess this is mostly because of the sandalwood used here. Its like walking on a fine line withouth falling (writting this I just remembered the french guy who crossed the Twin Towers on a line).

    I think Ormonde Jayne managed to create a chic and modern fragrence perfect for the young english gentleman

    4 out of 5

    22nd March, 2013

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