Secret Wish (2005)
    by Anna Sui

    Secret Wish Fragrance Notes

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    Australia Australia

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    A very fruity scent. Not much else to it really.

    It's nice enough and Summery of course, but it's not the scent I expected to find in such an enchanting, child-like bottle.

    I expected sweetness and flowers, but Secret Wish is mostly soft lemon, pineapple and melon. Not particularly a blend that I usually associate with young girls, which I assume this fragrance would be marketed towards.

    There's a surprising element of sharpness which continually bugged me. I'm guessing that it's the blend of lemon and pineapple that makes me feel this way.

    Overall I can't entirely hate this scent, but I can assure you that I will never love it. Some have mentioned similarities to D&G Light Blue which I do detest, partly because of the strong lemon notes which remind me of cleaning solutions.

    Secret Wish is really to do with personal taste. If lemons and pineapple are your thing, certainly give Secret Wish a try.

    05 June, 2011

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    miss mills
    New Zealand New Zealand

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    Beautiful, light, fresh, lemon top notes, quickly followed by watermelon which lingers. Love the fairy cap and ocean rock shaped bottle. Very feminine and pretty. I prefer this way and beyond D&G Light Blue, which is similar but lacks the innocence and the ethereal edge of this one.

    15 April, 2011

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    It is a fresh, fuity, light, and citrusy scent.
    It also smells like peach.
    It is a Floral - Fruity type of perfume.
    It is interesting but not sophisticated.
    This perfume’s longevity might be disappointing.
    It smells similar to Chance Eau Fraîche by Chanel.
    Its nice smell and charming bottle makes it a good idea for a gift.

    20th January, 2009

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    Sweden Sweden

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    It is fresh, but still it has got a special twist to it, somewhat of the twist that I experience smelling DKNY. Not the same smell but the same kind of twist. Sometimes I smell a note that reminds me of my old wollen jumper, or maybe it smells something like tagetes, I´m not sure.
    It DOES actually smell a little bit like D&G Light Blue, and even if I agree that Light Blue is a better version of that smell, Secret wish doesn´t get as overwhelming and sticky sweet as Light blue. I´ve had both kinds of reactions on this scent. One ex-boyfriend did not like it at all, he thought it smelled "un-nicely", but my present boyfriend reacted spontaneously; "Wow! this is good!".

    I DO like this scent, but I only use it now and then when I´m in the mood.

    11th August, 2008

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    Canada Canada

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    I like this light fruity fresh scent. The scent also doesn't last very long, but it doesn't annoy/irritate me like some perfumes do. The bottle looks great.

    12 February, 2007

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    When I first tried this it was foul! But this is certainly a scent you shoud give a second chance. A month later when I tested it again it smelt wonderful! It was so sutbly fruity and musky. The top note of melon was the most prominent and the dry down was an interesting woody smell. To top it all off, this has the most beautiful bottle cap design I have ever seen! The bottle itslef looks like a green-blue rock with a little fairy perched on top. It would look beautiful on any dressing table.

    08 March, 2006

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