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Bijan Style Men (2004)
by Bijan


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Year of Launch2004
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Parent CompanyQuality King Distributors > Perfumania Holdings > Five Star Fragrances

About Bijan Style Men

Bijan Style Men is a masculine fragrance by Bijan. The scent was launched in 2004

Bijan Style Men fragrance notes

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Reviews of Bijan Style Men

My first Bijan! It arrived today. Not all that easy to come by here in the UK but there are a few places doing the range. To clarify, the Bijan site quotes the Pyramid as:

Top Notes:
Sea Mist Accord, White Grapefruit, and Fresh Green Accord

Middle Notes:
Violet Leaf, Brazilian Rosewood, Provencal Lavender, Clary Sage, and Coriander Leaf

Base Notes:
Musk, Cedarwood, Tonka, Sandalwood, Amber, and Italian Orris

The Lavender rules throughout. There's also a dominant Soapy quality too it. This is "clean" but not "squeaky-clean" more like "wealthy, super rich-clean" (does that make sense?).

The oversized, cool Blue box is fun as is the novel bottle and cap which reminds me of a Pearl. The colour of the juice certainly reflects the "Sea Mist Accord" in the top notes. There's a lot in this but it blends together really well.

I reckon this warms in Winter and sizzles in Summer. I do love it I have to say. I really want to get into the rest of the Bijan line off the back of this. I did three spritzes on my chest this morning. It wafted powerfully but gently. Two would have been enough for normal use. One thing is for sure, this will be the smell of Summer 2011 for me! This is such a great Casual scent but you know, I can also see it with a killer Suit, crisp shirt and Silk tie as well.

I can't say I notice much development here other than a calming down of the initial cloud and a slight recess to the Soapiness. As I say though, the Lavender remains present and obvious but it's just so well supported by the other ingredients. I'm surprised there are not more reviews here since Bijan Frags seem to be a favourite of a lot of decent Celebs' of above average taste (I'm not talking Britney here OK?)

So taken am I by this that if anybody asks me what I'm wearing, I'm not going to tell them. After all, why share the secret? What I noticed today was people coming and standing next to me and noticeably inhaling deeply and repeatedly. When what you're wearing has that effect, you know you're on the right tracks.

I'm slightly confused by the price. On the Bijan site it's $120.00 yet it seems you can get it from many other places for a fraction. How does that work?

No matter, I'm a happy man. Thank you Bijan. You've opened a new road of discovery for me today.
10th January, 2011
Nice lavender, clove and musk fragrance. Cedar on the bottom keeps it all together making for a very nice casual daily scent. Slightly soapy giving it a "clean" feeling.
13th December, 2008
Very aromatic with
top notes are lavender, cloves and bergamot;
middle notes are lime, musk and vetiver;
base notes are sandalwood, citruses and cedar.
Very similar pyramid to Musc Ravageur, the only problem maybe longevity...
23rd July, 2008
I can see Jon_Remy's review comparing this to Creed's Tabarome! I think Tabarome has it all over this one from the mid on, but the Bijan is still nice.


TOP: lavender, clove and bergamot.

MIDDLE : vetiver, musk, citrus (mainly lime).

BASE: sandalwood and cedar.

I am glad I was given it. I won't be wearing it too often though. :-)
18th July, 2008
When first sprayed, style has a soapy citrus(lavender,lime & bergamot)-spicy(ginger&clove)-green(vetiver) opening then dries down to a sweet musky wood base. It is a light scent but with a couple extra sprays can be made to last most of the day. This is one of the few scents that I have received compliments from co-workers and strangers alike. Definitely a higher quality than its price tag indicates. One of the more underrated fresh clean scents for sure.
21st May, 2007
I don't know if it's my nose playing tricks on me, but when I sprayed this on in the store it reminded me very much of Creed's Tabarome. I am still considering buying this fragrance and may do so in the future. I truly enjoy ALL the Bijan fragrances, but I still enjoy the original the most.
26th December, 2005

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