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Pure Poison (2004)
by Christian Dior


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Year of Launch2004
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

HouseChristian Dior
PerfumerCarlos Benaim
Parent CompanyLVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton

About Pure Poison

Carlos Benaim:

The fragrances of the Poison line take new directions with daring provocation.  They are fragrances created to surprise and astonish, to let women assert their femininity with confidence.

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Reviews of Pure Poison


PURE POISON is one of the best floral perfumes.Surely DIOR style and have a perfect balance of passion and Composure and in my opinion this is something that makes this scent EXCLUSIVE.It is truly Gorgeous.

Artistic,Elegant,Feminine,Classy and Special.The freshness of different citrus is complemented by Jasmine in the top notes However jasmine is dominant in the begining until the end on my skin.Romantic and Charming without being harsh.

Certainly this composition is Subtle and Sophisticated for a floral scent.It is more Natural than most Modern perfumes.A perfume for queen in AUTUMN/WINTER Eveneings.i recommended it for lady between 30/50 years old.ideal for present too.PURE POISON is Enjoyable to wear indeed.


Longevity?Good on my skin.

22nd April, 2015
"Dioresque".<p>A really dioresque one. Easy but well combined mélange of white flowers and musk with hints of sandalwood and classy hesperides affording at once since the beginning modern brightness and classicism. Uncompromisingly feminine and floral. I detect minimal hints of fruits (peaches??) but probably is just an illusion. This fragrance is all about jasmine, gardenia and delicate white flowers with a touch of spices. These elements (combined with bergamot) project a typical classic-luxurious french spark. I detect a final ghosty hint of soothing benzoin or amber that, in combination with musk and spices, arouses an intimate, almost carnal, undertone. Versatile and effective.<p>Pros: Classy and versatile
Cons: A bit too much synthetic"</p>
30th August, 2013 (last edited: 22nd December, 2013)
Beautiful white floral fragrance. If you want a longlasting, unique, feminine scent this is a must have (along with Fracas).
29th April, 2013
The first time I tried this, I sampled the old formulation and got a blast of gardenia I could only describe as ghastly. Now that I have a bottle of the new formulation, I miss that gardenia. However, I think its disappearance (or at least, the downplaying of it) makes for a better perfume and one that fits into the Poison lineup better. I don't find this to be a warm scent at all; rather to me, it's sophisticated, cool, and slightly aloof.

The strong, sharp topnotes of citrus and bergamot initially play as hairspray to my nose and cut through what could otherwise be a sweet white floral. I find especially in cold weather, the floral goes very soapy, but it's nice either way. Regardless of formulation, this has very little staying power on me, but the warm amber-sandalwood drydown is worth sticking around for. I get zero musk and almost no jasmine by the end.

Sprayed on fabric, the scent is far less linear and has better longevity. Worth trying.
20th December, 2012
Love it! I had been looking for a scent that had main notes of gardenia, not just hints. This scent is divine and the lasting power is great. At first spray, I get a swirling scent of orange blossom, followed by the gardenia. Then comes the jasmine. It seems to get stronger and stronger for the first fifteen minutes after it is applied, eventually settling down, but still with the orange trying to poke through. The orange keeps this scent from just being another white floral and lends a bit of creaminess to it.

I don't understand how folks say it fades. When I used the tester in the store (which I knew had been there for about two years, open,) yes, it faded quite fast. But brand new when I bought it, it is quite a potent piece of work! I myself try to avoid buying my perfumes from department stores or drugstores where they most likely have been sitting a long time, even years. I opt to get my scents from online discount stores that I know have a high volume of sales and move their stuff fast, so I know my stuff is as new as possible.

I find this scent reminds me of being ten years old and waking up at my grandparents' home in Florida. It would be warm and I could smell the orange trees as the breeze came through the open windows. I would say this is a yummy floral.
06th January, 2012
I really don't know what made me try this one. Maybe because Poison scared me off and this one was listed as lighter?

VERY SOFT on my skin. I really have to sniff hard! Lovely white flowers with a hint of fruit to start, then shifts to a bit woodier note as the fruit fades. The soapy flowers are dominant the whole way through. Then it just fades away.

Overall, PP pretty llinear on me. No sillage or projection to speak of. My husband asked if I forgot to wear any perfume... I can totally see the dryer sheet comparison. I can't say this isn't pretty. When I asked someone to smell my wrist, they said it was wonderful. However, I prefer a scent that doesn't require that close of contact.

I think this is a perfectly fine office fragrance. It is pretty, feminine and demure. But I wouldn't pay this much for "fine".
01st December, 2011

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