Bergamote / Divine Bergamote (2004)
    by The Different Company

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    Bergamote / Divine Bergamote Fragrance Notes

    Bergamote / Divine Bergamote information

    Bergamote / Divine Bergamote is a unisex fragrance by The Different Company. The scent was launched in 2004 and the bottle was designed by Thierry de Baschmakoff

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    Divine Bergamote

    Two things

    Firstly, I'm glad this isn't typically citrus-woody. Its citrus-green.

    Secondly, spraying it is like misting yourself with sparkling water at the beach.

    What makes it unique is that, I feel, it's (bergamot) a step up from lemons.

    Don't get me wrong I love lemons. I love a good squeeze of lemon on biryani, Lemon and mint juice, lemon tart and lemon sorbet. But it's a bit less dimensional than bergamot.

    Bergamot feels a bit more complex in nature. Not on the level of geranium or jasmine complexity but more complex than other items in the citrus basket (lemons and lime for example). I get this aromatic vibe from it that makes me feel like I'm smelling an aromatic herb but instead of it being herbaceous , it's citric.

    I went back and forth between Divine Bergamote and Bergamote 22 Le Labo but finally settled on Divine Bergamote. The green facet really appealed to more than b22's woody-citric approach.

    The epitome of refreshment.

    22nd March, 2013

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    A fizzy bergamot opening you can almost chew on, but before you have time to swallow the thing shrinks to a postage stamp-sized rosey musk of no distinction.

    09th August, 2012

    gimmegreen's avatar

    Netherlands Netherlands

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    Bergamot essential oil, lightened and freshened (lime and green notes), and with a hint of pepper in the opening which settles into ginger. Great idea for a body splash, a bit of a yawn as a perfume.

    14th July, 2012

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    Italy Italy

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    As well as others underlined i say that the most captivating part is made by the top lemony notes (lime-bergamot) that are pungent, natural and almost fizzy (also because of the rhubarb effect-i smell the association with Apparition Homme Ungaro), till when a sort of windy and more coloured fruity phase tames a bit the fizzy pleasure and introduces a final joyful, airy (ginger), slightly powdery and musky stage. This bergamot is not imperial or decadent, is just natural and a bit grassy with ozonic traces that remind me slightly the wonderful Sel de Vetiver. I don't dislike the rhubarb central element that intensifies and darkens a bit the juice turning it out slightly boozy. Not bad.

    27th March, 2012

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    the first couple of times i wore it, i was getting fresh citrusy smell, nice, but nothing too special. i was attracted to this perfume by the promise of rhubarb and ginger - and it never got to it, as the scent would go away quite quickly. today however after a couple of initial citrus minutes all i was getting was... rose! person i was with confirmed that i smelled like rose water )) and still no rhubarb... so all in all, i am not smitten, not impressed - but it is an all right scent.

    22nd November, 2011

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    United States United States

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    My sample cube reads BERGAMOTE, not DIVINE BERGAMOTE. Not sure whether these are the same or mine is supposed to be less than divine, but I had pretty low expectations for a fragrance bearing the name of a note found in 33% of all perfumes and usually not playing a starring role--perhaps for a reason?

    Those expectations were met and exceeded. There's certainly more than bergamot in this refreshing citrus cologne. The ginger blends in to produce a tonic which reminds me for obvious reasons of Bond no 9 NEW YORK FLING, also a citrus-ginger composition.

    In a side-by-side comparison, I find NEW YORK FLING certainly more declarative but also more interesting than BERGAMOTE, probably because of the touch of florality and basil mingling with the wood. I also think that as a straight-up citrus, BERGAMOTE does not really stand out from the crowd and has poor longevity even in this category notorious for evanescence.

    26th August, 2011

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