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    dark phoenix 123
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    Thought I air my 2 cents worth on TBS sandalwood. I have not tried the woody sandalwood, but i used to own a vintage sandalwood perfume oil which i bought in 1986 (really the best of times for TBS in my humble opinion). Frankly, it is really POTENT STUFF! If Pandbear25 smelled this version, I think I can understand why he said it was sharp. Because it also smelled sharp, strong and woody to me too. if u have an old bottle of sandalwood or samarkand, you will understand what i meant by sharp and woody (not in a bad way at all mind you). It is almost like they mixed in some oud. Those were the times when TBS uses really authentic and quality ingredients to make their perfume oils. ahhh... how sad those days are long gone...

    16 March, 2011

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    I would disagree with pandabear25 - even in the bottle, Woody Sandalwood (I assume it's the same scent) is not at all sharp. It's heavy and sweet, with a lot of cinnamon in with the sandalwood. Quite cloying for me, but lovers of those two notes may like it better.
    It's not discontinued as far as I know.

    02 June, 2008

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    If this is the same as their "Woody Sandalwood" and they've discontinued it, then that's very sad. I absolutely adore the smell of this! It's so earthy and sharp. I use this sometimes before I go to bed, sort of an aromatherapy for me. This along with a few of my other staples go way back and I'll probably always have a bottle. I think this is suitable for women as long as they like sandalwood!

    06 October, 2006

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