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1270 (2010)
by Frapin


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Year of Launch2010
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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About 1270

1270 is a shared / unisex perfume by Frapin. The scent was launched in 2010

Reviews of 1270

Future Jason:

First you got a small sample of this. Which convinced you to get a bigger sample of this. Which, despite it being a bit spendy, and despite your being a total cheapskate, inspired you to get a full bottle.

You haven't been disappointed--it is one of the things you wear most often. You do find yourself wondering why the samples seemed to last longer than the juice from the full bottle. You wonder if you got caught up in some massive conspiracy--one that would invariably involve guns, espionage, and motor boats--that ended up with compromised bottles of 1270 hanging about. Most days you're still more than satisfied with how long it lasts. Every day you wear it, you're very happy with the scent. Nice find. Keep it up.
28th January, 2016
jonnyv Show all reviews
United Kingdom
I really wanted this to perform better than it did.

After spraying this morning it settled down to a skin scent after 30 minutes, and only really became noticeable during the day when the sun warmed my skin up.

Probably suitable for summer, but I wanted to use this in winter.

UPDATE 26th March 2015.

I've just bought a bottle of this and tried it again today, and I realised where I went wrong before.
I only had a 1.6ml sample and lightly sprayed myself to test and it didn't really project much.
but now I have a 100ml bottle I sprayed 4 times on my neck and one on my chest and im very happy with my purchase.
30th September, 2014 (last edited: 26th March, 2015)
Green and citrus-y opening, fresh and crunchy, with a bittersweet fruity heart on a vanilla-patchouli-ambery base. Mossy-powdery notes like in some Parfum d'Empire scents. The prominent accord is a warm, floral, spicy and ginger-y note which smells a bit like immortelle. Persistence is really short, and plus, a little after the opening, also kind of confused, un-structured and undefined. I miss a lot of the notes there, to me this smells more like a weak, generic and elusive ambery-spicy-floral-woody accord. Not a fail, as it somehow manages to smell "nice", but not that good either and surely not worth the cost.

13th May, 2014
Frapin 1270 is a reputable boozy/fruity semi-gourmand never sliding towards the dangerous territories of the overly intense yummy mellifluence. This scent indeed is an epitome of the cozy luxurious olfactory creations with all their subtle arsenal of seasoned cognac aftertaste, perfumed woods, mellow fruits, sweet spices and hints of something edible (cocoa, coffee, candied fruits, vanilla, plums) to appeal the palate. The relative atmosphere conjures effectively fireplaces, leather coaches, chandeliers, draperies, candles, bar corners and soft live music. The edible presence is for real well modulated and almost restrained, never standing out in vest of really mastering vibe. I detect by soon plums, may be candied peaches/apricot and spicy/boozy orange on my wrist, an appealing initial geyser with faint leather nuances (absolutely never over the measure but appointed just in order to provide a suede type of silkiness as undertone). The soon emerging cocoa/coffe gourmand accord is in a while rounding and encompassing with its tonka/tobacco boozy "under-vein" conjuring sorts of whiskey creamy liqueurs feel and luxurious dark fruity/liquorous pieces of artisanal chocolates. The following evolution morphs the aroma towards a more ordinary woody/spicy/suede dry down which provides more stableness, refinement, measure and wearability. In spite 1270 is well appointed and never over the limits of balance and delicacy it's not properly a type of fragrance I would ever dare to purchase since in my current ordinary life out I don't spot right occasions to exploit such an aroma, included cozy occasions, being me eventually in those cases probably more oriented towards something from Slumberhouse, Lutens, Memo, Hilde Soliani or Parfumerie Generale.
18th February, 2014 (last edited: 23rd April, 2016)
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
A rich candied raisin aroma hits me from the word "go" and a nut note is added soon. The drydown adds a peppery-spicy component with fruity plum. Soon appears what is to me the star of the performance: A rich, bright, delicious honey. This gourmand is well-blended but also displays nice nuances and development. Projection and silage are very good, as is the longevity at seven hours. It's a shame that autumn is so far away...
19th January, 2014
1270 evokes a summer stroll along a Main Street in a small village in Door County. It's 80 degrees, you are wearing shorts and flip flops and this lush aroma of freshly made candy dares you to walk in the candy shop door and sneak just one piece. 1270 invites a sniff, then another, then another. We are in gourmand land and it's kind of nice. Dried fruits, coffee and cocoa introduce me to 1270. A soft leather note and florals soon emerge. I smell mainly vanilla and honey in the drydown. I find 1270 to have enough complexity to hold my interest. 1270 lasts over eight sweet hours on my skin. This is one of the more compelling gourmands I've tried. Definitely unisex. Definitely recommended.
31st December, 2013

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