Acqua di Firenze
    by I Profumi di Firenze

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    Acqua Mirabile Odorosa di Firenze is the full title I have. This is a lovely sort of scent. Though it is a bit more floral than is my usual preference, it is neither sweet nor heavy. I don’t think the green notes are *very* green, they fill in the spaces around the two floral notes, iris and honeysuckle. Iris is the emblem of Renaissance-era Florence so it an appropriate element in this signature fragrance. Here the violet-like qualities of iris root convey the fresh and transparent aspects noted by many. Honeysuckle gives a warm, rich quality, suggesting to me jasmine with a hint of vanilla. I find this to be pleasant, but I’m not wowed by it.

    02 May, 2008

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    United States United States

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    I've smelled and tested an awful lot of fragrances, and Acqua di Firenze made me sit up and take notice—not because of outstanding dramatic accords, but because it is such a unique and sensitive take on light floral accords. It is beautifully transparent and sensitive and clean. It is refreshing and basically floral, but the florals do not send out a strong floral ambiance. The light florals—iris, and honeysuckle—are peppered by some strange but very pleasant green notes. The entire movement of the fragrance is light, transparent, clean without citrus, aquatics, ozonics or any other of the ordinary standbys in the light fragrance arsenal. Thoroughly interesting, pleasant, and fresh, it is surprisingly unisex. The longevity is not great, but it is better than I had been expecting.

    18 January, 2007

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