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Fougère is a masculine fragrance by Pecksniff's.

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I've revised my earlier review. I find I like this even less than I did previously.
First, note that this is "Fougere" -- apparently Pecksniff once made a scent called "Fern" which was much better than this scent.
I came to Pecksniff’s Fougère expecting a sparkling green, mossy scent like Trumper’s Wild Fern or Penhaligon’s English Fern. What I found was something quite different.
This has a very faint opening. Gradually it opens up to be a budget-smelling, vaguely "fresh" and synthetic sort of scent. There are allusions to juniper and musk. That's about it.
I don't get any galbanum, cedar or moss.
Doesn't deliver anything interesting to me.
03rd April, 2007 (last edited: 28th January, 2010)
Substantial green opening. The petitgrain adds some citrus to the accord, but only for support because the galbanum takes precedence in an accord that also depends a lot on the lavender. The opening is an excellent accord — it’s enchanting and long lasting with a solid grasp on tradition and elegance. The heart notes continue the green with a bit more aromatics by means of juniper and coriander. By the middle level, the scent has lost its lavender notes and turned to almost pure aromatic green — the floral element — lily-of-the-valley — is barely discernable to my nose. The base is the weakest of the elements of the fragrance. It has minimal strength and below average longevity. Green wood, aka cedarwood, is dominant, and this, with the moss, continues the vegetal motif with a slight wood-ish bent to it. I don’t get much musk, but then, I often miss musk when there is a green or wood accord present. I notice that the sales pitches for this fragrance mention spiciness. I don’t get any spices — lots of greens and herbals, but no spices. Pecksniff’s Fougère is a classy green / aromatic fragrance. It is traditional enough to be used as a paradigm for the fougere category. As a sillage maker, it suffers from longevity problems, but it does manage to hang on as a comforting skin scent for two hours after its silage is gone, which is not really good enough for a product that is listed as an EDT. It is a beautiful fougere fragrance, but its very weak longevity makes it a neutral.
23rd October, 2005 (last edited: 07th April, 2008)

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