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Fireplace is a shared / unisex perfume by Demeter Fragrance Library.

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United Kingdom
An opening consistent of sweet woodsiness is notable for the absence of the fire that is promised in the name of this creation.

Over time I get occasional moments of mild and sweet woods, but a mildly boozy undertone is more present and also more persistent. Whiffs of a very attenuated smokiness come and go; they are rare though. Occasional medicinal vibes cause brief disturbances only. Otherwise I donít get much further development here.

I get moderate sillage, very good projection and nine hours of longevity, albeit rather close to my skin towards the end. 2.75/5.

A winter warmer in concept and result, although with less fire and smoke than one would expect given its name. Overall a bit too generic and nonspecific, but the warm red wood impression is pleasant. 2.75/5.
09th January, 2018
Fireplace is a close cousin of CB I Hate Perfume's Burning Leaves, but it is sweeter, less emphatically smoky, and considerably less realistic than the Brosius scent. In fact, the smoke from this fireplace dissipates very quickly, so that after five or ten minutes all that remains is a sweet, woody fragrance with a strong medical bandage and antiseptic accord. It smells more like a first aid kit than like any fireplace I've basked in front of, and I don't find it all that wearable. Projection and sillage are practically nonexistent, and Fireplace does not endure beyond an hour on my skin. Given the scent itself I don't see these as reasons for complaint. If it came off as less synthetic I suppose it could work as a room scent, but as a personal fragrance this holds no appeal for me.
14th June, 2014
At first it smells like a cheery, not-too-intense fire (Sonoma Scent Studio's Bonfire, this is not), and later on, it smells like warmed sweater. Completely true to life, short-lived, and as a fragrance goes, useless. I guess it's another win for Demeter, though, because they do the previous three things well.
22nd October, 2012
Neither unflinchingly smokey nor unflinchingly woody, Fireplace forgoes bottling a fire in favour of telling a little story about one. An ephemeral moment of savoury smoke and booze (the fire that cooks your food), giving way to a longer bout of something like the remains of cooling incense (the fire at which you worship), joined in the end by clean, soft musks (the ashes with which you make your soap). All in all, a nice, unassuming little tale.
24th January, 2007
Mmmm, warm and cosy and woody and boozy. Not exactly fiery though. It reminds me of Comme des Garcons' Palisander, the same warm, red wood note and it even has a more subtle version of the same soapy clean undertone that makes it smell like some expensive masculine perfume.
29th July, 2006

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