Vanille Exquise (2004)
    by Annick Goutal

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    Vanille Exquise Fragrance notes

    Vanilla, Angelica, Almond, Benzoin, White Musk, Sandalwood, Gaïac Wood

    Vanille Exquise information

    Vanille Exquise is a women's fragrance by Annick Goutal. The scent was launched in 2004

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    I think that Vanille Exquise is very well named: It is an beautiful rendition of vanilla – a slightly burnt version of a rich, mostly dry vanilla. “Sweetness” is not the keyword for this fragrance… “delicacy” would be the better description. It is certainly not a solo vanilla… it is quite well adorned with other light, delicate notes: I can clearly identify the almond; I willingly accept that there is benzoin partnering with the vanilla; there’s a believably probable white musk / sandalwood accord in the mixture; and, although I can’t specifically pick them out of the accord, I can believe that there is a touch angelica and gaïac providing even more lightness, airiness, and delicacy to the non-powdery vanilla accord.

    Vanille Exquise is a sophisticated fragrance… full, complex, and delicate. On my skin it has appropriately limited projection; and it has excellent longevity, especially as an exquisite skin scent.

    04 July, 2014

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    United States United States

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    It's unfortunate for me that something about my skin keeps the woods or musk in this frag from developing. To me, it is a gourmand, and like another reviewer wrote, it consists of vanilla extract mixed with a bit of almond extract. It kills me that my individual chemistry doesn't allow the edge of benzoin or dryness of the woods to come forth. It's not a cheap generic vanilla, but on me it just doesn't work.

    05 November, 2012

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    This starts like a rich vanilla ice cream with a hint of coconut ice. It's a little too cloying for me at this stage. It dries to a woodier vanilla which I like very much, but it wears too close to the skin for me to be tempted to buy a full bottle.

    09 October, 2012

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    Netherlands Netherlands

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    Pure, grown-up vanilla with a slight boozy tang, that has a muddle of milky wood-spice in the middle, a bit Lutenesque. My main problem is getting it to project as far as my nose – it’s there alright just hovering a bit too close to the skin.

    30th July, 2012

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    Vanilla and almond... thinking of marzipan? Here - not quite. I wouldn't exactly say that this is a dry rendition of vanilla (at least not more than relatively), but it's definitely not the out-and-out gourmand that many were probably expecting it to be. My first impression was, for just a few moments, something along the lines of suntan lotion, but I soon realized that it was more complex and luxurious than that - what it really brings to mind is some kind of nice, fragrant moisturizer or other bath and body preparation. The vanilla and almond, which are noticeable almost immediately and stay throughout the life of the fragrance on my skin, have a gentle, milky creaminess that actually dovetails quite nicely with the official Annick Goutal PR which makes mention of Vanille Exquise as being inspired by Cleopatra's milk baths. I don't perceive this fragrance as being very powdery, nor do I really actively sense any of the other listed notes - to me, Vanille Exquise is really all about that lovely vanilla-almond accord. With temperate sillage and a comfortable level of sweetness, Vanille Exquise is a good candidate for a warm-weather (and year-round) vanilla, and is worthy of attention both from avid vanilla fans and anyone looking for a not-quite gourmand take on the genre.

    06 June, 2012

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    This is not a vanilla bomb, and it is not a gourmand. It is a subtle gem of a vanilla fragrance.

    The feel of this one is akin to a comfort scent - close wearing and not one to over analyze. There is a part of me that just wants to say "try it on a quiet evening". Let your mind go loose of all expectations.

    It smells like softly scented baby oil...and all the comfort that feeling brings. There is a very sheer vanilla, there is a hint of almond. But yet, there is something of an edge to this quiet one. It smells almost like a faint incense, but I really think it is the woods that develop slowly and faintly. It also feels almost powdery, but yet, I don't smell powder. The guaic wood brings another hint of edge, but overall, I just smell soft, oily vanilla bean with the aforementioned edge.

    It reminds me of two fragrances that I own - PdN Vanille Tonka if you tone the incense WAY down. But moreso, of FM L'Eau d'Hiver. There is the baby oil, almondy, incensey, smooth, subtle, soft breeze, but instead, with vanilla. The mood is of comfort and quiet. The feel is soft and subtle. The edge comes from the resinous, but soft woods. But don't look here for a big vanilla fragrance. Look here for a vanilla of illusion and quiet. Well done, and there is a place for this type of fragrance.

    03 December, 2011

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