Love In White (2005)
    by Creed

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    The first new feminine Creed fragrance for five years (the last was 2000 Fleurs), and the first to be debuted in the USA.
    The scent is inspired by Olivier Creed's travels on the high seas, "an element of nature that connects all humanity." and according to Creed, the bottle evokes "the shoulders of a feminine figure as she rests upon white sands caressed by the ocean's gentle current. A silver ribbon at the neck conveys sunshine dancing on the Aegean sea".
    A portion of the proceeds from sales of Love in White in America are donated to the United National Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organization (UNESCO), which works toward world peace. A premiere bottle of the scent was given by Creed to actress and goodwill ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Angelina Jolie.
    The fragrance is available at Neiman Marcus,, Bergdorf Goodman and Saks Fifth Avenue New York. It will arrive in additional Saks stores in December 2005.

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    I was so excited to spritz this. It was quite a beautiful bloom, soft and bit creamy to me, but it reminded me of something. After walking around sniffing my arm for about 15 minutes it hit me. Bath and Body Works Sea Island Cotton! Of coarse much more refined and smooth but Sea Island Cotton nonetheless, which I have sitting on my bathroom. Two hundred compared too twelve dollars. I now have a new appreciation for the B and B version.

    10th October, 2012

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    Love in....shampoo.

    04 September, 2012

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    United States United States

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    I got this for my girlfriend at the time, but she never wore it, so I sprayed it on myself and tried it out for a day. It's a nice scent, but maybe a tad bit too feminine for a guy to wear. The jasmine note really carries this one places, I loved the smell, just felt too self conscious wearing it around town.

    For a lady though, this one would be great! I believe a lot of the bad reviews on this one comes from it being a Creed scent; it's supposed to be exceptional, but this one's really mediocre when compared to SMW, Aventus, or any of the other big Creed names. Still, not a bad fragrance at all, maybe not worth the price tag though!

    10th April, 2012

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    a nice well blended jasmin and light floral embraced with a powerful but gentle vanilla body.the florals are calm.women give it a try. love in white has class and and a safe scent

    26 January, 2012

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    I had to try Love in White at some point. Given the Turin review in The Guide, I couldn’t resist. The review gives LiW the George Bush style benefit of low expectations. I was half expecting the devil in a bottle. Balance the low expectations from The Guide with the stratospheric expectations set by the Creed press mythology (yacht, 5 year world search, exotic ingredients…) and LiW could only wind up a head-scratcher. Turns out it’s a bit of a tempest in a teapot actually.

    Floral blend, sweet synthetic woods. Loud, but otherwise not particularly remarkable for either its heights or its horrors. There’s something about a sweet yet acrid linear floral, though, that suggests personal product scenting. Shampoo or conditioner or the like. LiW seems designed along the lines of a hygienic or grooming product.

    LiW wins by driving down the middle of the road and avoiding both high and low expectations.

    01st October, 2011 (Last Edited: 02 October, 2011)

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    This is a pretty, floral scent that won't offend anyone. However, it is a bit simplistic, a bit flat, even a bit cheap. There is absolutely no longevity. I would pay 30 dollars for it, and spritz it on my hair all summer long, but at the current price tag I expect something a bit more complex and impressive.

    29 June, 2011

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