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Oriental Amber
by Pecksniff's


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About Oriental Amber

Oriental Amber is a feminine perfume by Pecksniff's.

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Reviews of Oriental Amber

The first few seconds of Oriental Amber are a kick - a clever mix of vodka and pineapple juice. Then it quickly fades into a fairly linear heart. There's amber, but it's that old-fashioned kind that smells more like orange baby aspirin than anything incense-based. It's generically fruity, sort of peachy, kind of citrus, but non-specific. It's a touch powdery, and quite sweet, and there's an indistinct chemical haze that hovers over everything. It's also got ginger, but softened by the powder so it's not as sharp as usual.

This all comes together to smell kind of nondescript, sort of fruity, sort of soapy, and mostly just sweet. It's not offensive in any way, but it's also not very interesting. Dull pleasantries and sweet banality.
25th October, 2017
Oriental Amber opens very interestingly with its burst of spice – interesting for about thirteen seconds. Then the spice severely settles down, joining with the middle florals in a rather unexciting heart accord. It’s soft and pleasant and it doesn’t really seem very floral – it seems like a slightly spicy, neutral texture accord. The first note I get from the base is sandalwood – it gradually slips in under the floral accord to provide a warm base to the florals. Then gradually the amber takes over the base. When the amber is dominant, it still presents a soft sandalwood and has added patchouli. The amber base is not really sweet and is quite recessive for an amber oriental; yet, as a skin scent, it has its attractions. Oriental Amber is a very nice feminine fragrance – well constructed with good accords. It could use better longevity.
02nd May, 2008
I'm a sucker for ginger ~ I know, I know, so many others have issues with that pungent root, but I love when it's subtley used and in Pecksniff's Oriental Amber it is presented with the lightest touch. The chosen spices and flowers of this 'recipe' live well together. The spices transition easily into the floral heart, which also shifts smoothly into the earthy, wooded base. There is a distinct natural harmony here, and though these powerhouse notes have the potential to be cloying - they're not at all! They have a very light effect, with an underlying sweetness throughout. Oriental Amber is reflective of the longtime reputation of excellence by this fragrance house. I hope they continue with more creations like this!
15th October, 2007

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