Silver Cologne (2002)
    by Amouage

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    A sharp,crisp tart animalic citrusy opening with the support of a background of flower from the Orange felling of a citrus oil...reminds me of a powerhouse type opening of a classic fougere/chypre fragrance from the good old days (70's - 80's )...a very thick feeling scent...has a sense of class and elegance...this is an Amouage that I am comfortable wearing just about anywhere including the office...this has gotten me compliments...I have a lot of Amouage decants and splits but , so far, this is my only Amouage full bottle...Another thing I love about this fragrance is that it is one of those that to me has a very distinct top, middle, and base...It's like enjoying 3 different fragrances in one...First I get this nice citrus blast opening...then a nice floral bouquet for a while...and finally a nice smooth slightly resiny, slightly woody, slightly earthy drydown with just a touch of musky sweetness...One of Amouages more European/American than Oriental fragrances, but I like that there's different options in their line up...The way the flowers are presented in a rich but masculine way, and scent wise reminds me a lot of Givenchy Insense...a Citrusy/Flowery classic inspired chypre/fougere done with Amouage style and quality ingredients ( the kind that used to be in designer scents in the 70's and 80's )...

    21st November, 2013

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    Orgoglio italianO
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    Not bad but not a must have...Ho Hum


    Pros: Great Longevity

    23 August, 2013

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    Early 90s powder bomb

    Don't get me wrong.  I like many fragrances loaded with powder/musk.  This just isn't one.  It started off decently but became cloying/too much for me.  It reminds me of an early 90s style perfume.

    I'm surprised nobody has mentioned how similar this is to Creed Himalaya.

    Not one of Amouage's best.  I can't help but think of "the cologne guy" who oversprays before going to work or the club.

    Pros: longevity, projection
    Cons: price, too much powder

    17 May, 2013

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    The citrus in the opening and the bergamot freshness give way to a floral mix with a drydown that adds a bit of musk, quite some amber, wood and a not very exciting incense note. The blending is quite nice, but on me no interesting development follows over the respectable time of its longevity of five hours. So-so.

    28 December, 2012

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    I'm not quite sure how much this one could fall in "sport" line of fragrances. Sure it's called "Silver" but on the fragrantica and official Amouage site it's clearly stated that this is a sports man frag. If that's a sports man frag then so is Michael Kors Michael or Givenchy Xeryus Rouge. Ok, Silver - the only reason why I like Silver is the plum note. I just love a good plum note performance and Silver does it great. With all that it's also spicy and juicy but also dry. I find it stylish in a certain way, a bit formal maybe and not all that quite casual as it's marketing represents it. I see it's quite bashed here which doesn't baffle me much, however I think there's too much exaggeration about it being a bad frag. Subjectively biased I vote a thumb up.

    23 December, 2012 (Last Edited: 19 January, 2013)

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    Unabashedly perfumey with all lalas out. The opening blast can be overpowering: rich, warm fruity tones, sumptuous florals, soft powdery woods (sandal mainly), and plenty of lift. However, this kind of all out thrust can only work at the amplification at which it is encountered here – water it down and it becomes something second rate and pointless (a bit like listening to Sun O))) with the volume turned down).
    The languid heart accord of ylang and heliotrope lends a solemn air to what is a pretty slinky beast. And the base, which seems to have the best of old school Guerlain powders shimmering within it, retains an air of mystery. Silvery it is, in the sense of the mercurial play of light on the pelt of a black jaguar, a creature of potency and grace. Curiously, seems to freshen as it ages on the skin.

    14 December, 2012

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