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Z (2005)
by Ermenegildo Zegna


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Year of Launch2005
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Z

Z is a masculine fragrance by Ermenegildo Zegna. The scent was launched in 2005

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Reviews of Z

Fruity-minty metallic fizziness, translucent soapiness, azure water, crystal and glass, a sparkling fruity cocktail, with a subtle, sophisticated sort of “synthetic leather chair” feel. The smell of cold metal, rubber, fresh air. Both formally gentle, and almost arrogant with its cold cutting sharpness, especially at the beginning. What instantly got my attention here is that Z by Zegna manages to stay connected to a certain type of “middle class mainstream” references, which in the end would be, I guess, more or less aligned to Zegna's customers' world, while smelling almost avantgarde, decidedly “niche” and different enough from other similar designer scents: it smells sharp, crisp, minimalistic, “cold” and synthetic, but by no means “cheap” or generic – not at all. If that makes sense, on the contrary it smells “high quality synthetic”. Both for the quality and the creativity involved. An azure-black scent: if you take a look at the bottle, that’s the perfect visual depiction of the fragrance. Glass, azure water, grey metal, black rubber. This may be classified as a fruity-spicy-woody aquatic scent, as it basically seems composed by tart citrus notes, something fruity and bittersweet like apple or blackcurrant, soft woods, sharp spices, green notes and a very hint of patchouli; surely on the “fresh & office-safe” mainstream side, but this doesn’t prevent it to be classy and above all, something on its own creativity-wise. It does not really remind me of anything else, and I quite disagree about considering this a copycat of Aqua di Giò or similar fragrances. It clearly belongs to that same family in broad terms, but this doesn’t make it a redundant blatant copy. While the concept of “sport/aquatic/office-fresh” fragrance is surely involved, in my opinion Z by Zegna sits actually quite away from most other fragrances of those genres. It conveys those clichés, but in a unique way – colder, fruitier, sharper, with a really peculiar feel of “icy futuristic elegance”. It smells sophisticated, formal and sporty at once, cold and synthetic yet somehow slightly “warm” in a really natural way – the warmth of lukewarm crystal water and sea breeze. This "warm" feature will emerge clearly on the drydown, more centered on extremely subtle dusty-powdery-woody notes. Kind of yuppie, a bit light and a bit too linear to be entirely compelling, but in my opinion surely fascinating and more than pleasant to wear.

01st May, 2015
Z Zegna is one of my all time favorite summer colognes. It smells very fresh and clean. It is perfect for "casual Friday" at the office or just for general daytime wear. It is perfect for the hot and humid climate we have in South Florida. I get many compliments when I wear it. It lasts a long time on me.
23rd May, 2014
Alternate Aquatic

If that sea of aquatics is too long a list,

Here's one worth trying, a definite twist.

To clean, fresh and fruity, add citrus and tart,

Enough of a difference to set it apart.

Lithe and linear, projection's not strong,

But for summertime pleasure, it sings it's own song.

18th June, 2013
This was my first real fragrance. In middle school, everyone loved it on me, and no one else owned it.
I recently bought it again to see if it held the same charm.
It's definitely not me, anymore, but it's not awful. It's interesting to note they've changed the front of the bottle. The current bottle design has a silver "Z" next to the Zegna, as opposed to the original design where Zegna was superimposed on a large white "Z".

It opens with bergamot and... something fruity and tart, but within minutes I'm getting oakmoss and iris. By the end of the first hour, though, it's just patchouli and spice.

If you're looking for something that's just slightly different than what everyone else is wearing, here it is. As unoffensive as possible, but also not spectacular or even particularly noteworthy.
25th January, 2013
Z Zegna is a mix of 3 fragrances: Acqua Di Gio, Cool Water, and F by Ferragamo. The opening is a tart citrus fruity combination of ADG and CW that smells great without being aquatic. From the mid to the dry own it becomes spicier with the pepper and nutmeg. Once it hits the dry down the patchouli and woods come in and it resembles F by Ferragamo. Not as sweet and more natural smelling. This is really an overlooked and fantastic summer and spring fragrance.
27th December, 2012 (last edited: 05th April, 2015)
I know it’s simple and I know it’s fairly linear, but there’s just something so nice and refreshing about this fragrance that I can’t stop smelling my arm when I’m wearing it!

Even though it looks and is presented like many other ‘aqua’ style fragrances, there is something a little fruity and tart about Z that distinguishes it from the rest of the bunch. After about an hour I also get a noticeable but faint spicy menthol type vibe from this which keeps the freshness kicking for a few hours.

It’s certainly not an outstanding fragrance, but its easy wearability has seen it recently make it into my top 20 rotation for everyday use.

Longevity – about 5 hours tops;
Sillage – easily detectable in the first 2 hours, then fades somewhat;
Value for $ – if you are paying retail price not great. However, as this can be found relatively cheaply on-line ($35 for 100mls), not too shabby.

Easily recommended as a safe blind buy for those who are looking for a slightly different ‘fresh’ style masculine fragrance. Not a stunner, but it still gets a thumbs up from me.

31st August, 2011

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