Italian Cypress (2008)
    by Tom Ford

    • Launched: 2008
    • Type: Shared / Unisex / Unspecified
    • Availability: In Production
    • Perfumer: Unknown - Let us know
    • Bottle Designer: Unknown - Let us know

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    United States United States

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    One of the freshest and most masculine scents on the market. It smells like, what I imagine, walking through a cypress forest in Italy smells like. It's pure, fresh, natural, rich smelling woody tree. Almost piney but not. It also develops into a long lasting much deeper and earthier scent after a few hours, it smells wonderful for hours. I wish Tom Ford sold this in 100ml bottles but he sadly does not. Although I wasn't alive, it smells like a beast dude would from the 70s or 80s, I just know it.

    Another must own from the private blend line. A very unique fragrance. Such high quality and so long lasting on me. A must smell if you haven't, along with Tuscan leather, oud wood, and TV.

    29 March, 2014

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    Iran Iran

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    Well, finally I had a chance to test this fragrance and I must say quality and natural smelling is the first thing that comes in mind.
    The opening is green and also semi fresh citrusy scent with some spices in the background.
    While there is no cinnamon note in the note breakdown, the cinnamon note play a huge role in this fragrance, specially in the mid!
    After that beautiful fresh, natural and green opening and in the mid, you can smell a very natural and bright cinnamon smell with some green and fresh notes and slight sweetness in the background.
    I don't know if you guys know what's the cinnamon source, but if you don't know, the cinnamon is a special tree's skin that people take it and make it like powder and use it in some foods.
    I already have that cinnamon tree's skin in my house because when we want to make tea, sometimes we throw a small piece of that tree's skin in the pot and that make the tea's taste something really special and pleasant!
    Why did I tell you this?
    Because I want you guys know that I know exactly how that cinnamon tree's skin smell like and the cinnamon in this fragrance is the most quality cinnamon note ever I smelled in fragrances.
    The cinnamon note as I said smell very natural with small woody feeling and it's very natural and pleasant. smell exactly like that cinnamon tree's skin that I told you.
    In the base the cinnamon note goes to the background and you will get again that green note at the opening with very light woodsy notes and some sweetness.
    Longevity is good but projection is not that great.
    It's very versatile and you can use it in all four seasons.
    All and all, a great natural fragrance with stunning quality. If you do respect quality in fragrances and you pay for it, this is for you guys.

    27 February, 2014

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    Chile Chile

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    A great, high-quality fragrance. Opening with citrus and bergamot, which are not synthetic at all and very authentic smelling, some green notes between, followed closely by some clove, spearmint and basil. Then the cypres shows up and you can picture it as real as it grows in the sunny Tuscany, the warm woody notes in the base are as noble as can be. There is an interesting undertone in the dry-down, some kind of smokey oud, very nice.. it's a great, not too complex and straight formard juice with high quality ingredients, nicely blended with an above average longevity, BUT...

    BUT..the price for this distinctive scent is very high and there are other much cheaper scents out there which could substitute it in a certain way, as for example vintage Polo from Ralph Lauren, which unfortunatelly nowadays due to reformulations lost a lot of it's original quality, beeing watered down and with some ingredients replaced by synthetic cheaper substitutes.

    If you don't mind to pay a very high premium price for this scent, it might be worth it, considering its quality and uniquness.

    14 February, 2014

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    Preston H
    United States United States

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    Italian cypress is a modern take on a classic masculine fragrance. It has a very real citrus opening that sits on top of a superb blend of spices and herbs (clove, spearmint and basil) with a cypress amber and gaiac base. Bottom line, this stuff is great. A virile, masculine scent that is a breath of fresh air in this age of one gender fits all perfumery.

    16 December, 2013

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    I really like this - Pure cypress and musky deep smoke - like a super refined RL Polo or Z14. The fragrance seems to move in three distinct parts as the top, middle and base notes reveal themselves - first you get an hour's worth of the loud cypress pine note, followed by a few hours of warm and fruity middle notes, before the smokey, peppery incense at the bottom glowers for the rest of the day. The projection is lower than Polo, with a lot less leather, so this stays closer to the skin but still has decent longevity. The smokey bottom notes accord in this is very similar to the one in Tuscan Leather but whereas TL made me feel queasy with it's strong ashtray vibe this one seems to stay just the right side of offensive.

    This smells expensive, which is lucky considering how much it costs. BUT it is definitely a 70's powerhouse sort of frag. This is for the older man IMHO. I give this an immediate 5 stars because the drydown on this stuff is absolutely beautiful, you will be sniffing yourself all day!

    People after the same fresh cypress note but without such a 70's vibe and expense should look out for the (now discontinued) Cipresso di Toscana from Acqua di Parma.

    Pros: cypress in a bottle, amazing masculine
    Cons: old fashioned smelling for some

    24 July, 2013 (Last Edited: 27 March, 2014)

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    truth in advertising

    In a wonderfully straightforward manner, Italian Cypress does in fact smell like the cypress tree. It manages to capture the entirety of the tree: the green stiff briskness of evergreen, the pine-like moisture of the wood, the soil and air and sunshine. Itís unabashedly What It Is. It reminds me of Caron Yataghan, Paco Rabanne pour Homme in genre and character. The linking of herbal, woody and balsamic notes is effortless. This baby has nothing to do with the muscled, depilated, excessively groomed, self-conscious male fragrances of the 21st-century. It's animated, sweaty, and spits on sidewalks. Itís uninhibited in a way that might not fit easily into a social media framework.

    Current men's perfumery is still saddled with vestiges of 1990s apologia. It supports aspiration, the desire to fit in, the pathology of conspicuousness. I tend to think of Tom Ford brand style, from my cursory views of it since the 1990s, as aspiring to uniformity and a bland, unexcitingluxury. A world where the White Party is an ideal, and the best manicure wins. It's as if he took the worst from my people, the clonishness and used it with neither irony nor higher purpose. All anonymity and no identity.

    But credit where itís due. Italian Cypress is a beautifully rough ride. Itís expansive and brash, but completely charming. Italian Cypress captures that 1970s good-old-bad-old days feel perfectly.

    from cent

    31st May, 2013

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