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Ginger Ciao 2.27
by Yosh


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GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerYosh Han

About Ginger Ciao 2.27

Ginger Ciao 2.27 is a shared / unisex perfume by Yosh. The fragrance was created by perfumer Yosh Han

Reviews of Ginger Ciao 2.27

Smells like suntan lotion to me but also with some spicy ginger thrown in. A very creamy coconut scent.

Performs well, lots of projection with only a few sprays. Seems to last on skin for many hours.
05th November, 2017
Yosh is one of the nicest people in the world of perfumes!
Her perfumes purchase an exotic quid, but they are primarily a technical exercise well thought out.
Her 80's style emerges in this scent where the shades of ginger salutes and goes away! Come into play neroli, ylang ylang and basil on a creamy lactic acid derived from coconut. A bit 'of synthesis, a bit' too much, but there are those who think that violet is an essence, and that ginger is a soap (people! Do you eat sushi?) These definitions are stereotypes for inexperienced noses! The scent is well done. Everybody likes this perfume the young women and the old ones and even dark people depressed by olfactory myopia!

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16th June, 2015
A waxy creamy ginger note opens with vanilla, sandalwood, coconut (fairly subtle on me, I did not even detect it at first) violet notes, white musks, on a balsamic-ambery base with a medicinal hint of cloves and herbs and an aftertaste of galaxolide the bath gel feel. A straightforward, dense and well-executed Oriental spicy opening which then tends towards a more classic, gloomy, camphor-herbal chypre like his fellow Omniscient from the same line. Here it just tends more on buttery-waxy notes and soapy accords (rather than on animalic accords like in O.). The flowers emerge better after a while, smelling great as well, powerful, vibrant, narcotic and realistic. It doesn't "turn me on", but it's a great gingery-waxy nostalgic chypre from a house I must say I quite respect so far.

31st May, 2014
Coconut at its best

I totally agree with cello's review, this is a coconut with edges and dark contrasts. I hadn't see such a huge work on coconut note since the gorgeous Creed's Virgin Island Water. As it warms on your skin, ginger and coconut play a beautiful dance on the stage. I really don't see this curry smell some people is talking about, but a creamy coconut mixed with a zesty ginger and some reminescent of flowers, making the whole thing as light as sunrise but at the same time as cool as sunset. I think this would be great together with Do Son!

Pros: A real interpretation of coconut, still a summer fragrance but far from being just a suntan oil like scent
Cons: Can't see any beside the price, too expensive for a 50 ml bottle."

16th July, 2013
I've been testing the original perfume oil concentration, not the more recent EDP.

I'm with Sterling Maiden in that I also think this smells like Thai green curry. It's that combination of spicy ginger, lemongrass, and coconut milk, as well as some subtle green herbs that come across as quite vegetal. Given time, the curry association fades somewhat as a creamy coconutty sandalwood comes in underneath everything. Given a couple of hours, the flowers become the stars of the show, vaguely powdery and pretty but still tropical.

I could imagine this appealing to fans of Tom Ford's Black Orchid. They share a similar appealing tropical weirdness, though Ginger Ciao is fuzzy and soft and pretty while Black Orchid is lurid and dirty and overly-strong.

After sniffing this at the store, I honestly didn't expect enjoy wearing Ginger Ciao very much, but it has won me over on skin. It's an odd one, and a bit of a novelty, but it smells fantastic on me. I can't imagine it as an everyday scent, but I'll be wearing it to a dinner party tonight and I think it'll be great there.
11th February, 2013
The opening is creamy, with hints of ginger & a suntan lotion-like coconut. The scent is weak at first, but as it slowly warms on the skin, the spiciness comes through along with the lily & ylang-ylang. l was hoping that the basil note would give this fragrance a lift, but l could not detect it on my skin. To my nose this has a similar feel to Manoumalia in it's tropical creaminess, but where the vetiver note gives Manoumalia an earthy depth, this falls rather flat in comparison. Although my sample is labelled as an EDP, this feels very oily on my skin, the sillage is low, & it's faded after five hours. l loved the sound of this, but found it disappointing.
21st January, 2012

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