White Flowers 1.41
    by Yosh

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    A beautiful white floral, crisp & clean like fresh laundry at first, the florals hover in the background beckoning you in. As the scent unfolds, the florals slowly reveal themselves; jasmine, tuberose & lily. But there is something aloof, almost virginal here; nothing remotely indolic, these flowers are frosted with snow like a winter forest. l think this coldness comes from the siberian fir mentioned among the notes. You expect that the frost will eventually melt, & the virginal flowers will lose their inhibitions & throw themselves at you with abandon. But their unspoken promise is never fulfilled, & the fragrance simply stays clean & elegant right through to the drydown. l really like this though, the sillage & longevity are good, & it makes a lovely spring scent suitable for work.

    08 February, 2011

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    United States United States

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    A mix of many flowers but the dominating flower is the lily. This projects surprisingly well. It's almost medicinal due to the "freshness" I get from it. Still, it's leaves you feeling like you want more from it.

    04 October, 2008

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