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Stargazer 7.71
by Yosh


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GenderShared / Unisex
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PerfumerYosh Han

About Stargazer 7.71

Stargazer 7.71 is a shared / unisex perfume by Yosh. The fragrance was created by perfumer Yosh Han

Reviews of Stargazer 7.71

For the first 90 minutes l don't like this at all; it's half fresh flowers & half cloyingly stale on my skin. The sillage smells spicily floral at a distance, but sniffed up close that stale note makes it quite unpleasant for me. Then suddenly the whole thing sweetens into a sugared floral with a moist, cool & yet tropical feel, & there's something woody & creamy in the base, which l could swear is sandalwood. The sillage is good, & it lasts around 6 hours.
l've smelled & loved white ginger in other fragrances, but for me this doesn't really capture that spicy floral note in such a satisfying way. lt does, however, capture the smell of Stargazer lilies quite effectively. l just wish that first 90 minutes wasn't so difficult to get through.
21st January, 2012

I agree with many, this is a quite simple floral-aromatic fragrance that is centralized over a deeply  parfumed flower, the Stargazer Lily, a sort of wild  white flower bursting of odour in the course of the exotic summer nights. The smell is cool and aromatic, some have thought  to eucalyptus or aromatic greens but is basically the white ginger  that  projects the white floral deep scent in the air with its cool and aromatic sort of fruitiness. I detect some musk on the base while i don't catch any fruit in the blend. The smell is deeply floral as well as you are inhaling the heart of a flower, its nectar, its lymphatic greenness. In my opinion this is a good botanic and natural smell but is too much crude and wild to be evalued as a sophisticated and well structured floral fragrance. The smell is too fat, lymphatic and grassy for my taste. Not bad if you wanna smell utterly natural as you've barely rolled down from a floral green hill. Projection and lasting power are more than good.
25th December, 2011
Again, another interesting fragrance from Yosh. Stargazer is a sugary/clean white floral that I guess has lily as the dominant floral note. I actually can appreciate the smell of this one (when applied sparingly), however, once again, I wouldn't wear it.
08th March, 2011
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United States
I really wanted to try this because I too love, love love lillies, but I quickly found out that lillies weren't the inspiration at all for this fragrance. The inspiration was a spit out lifesaver left on a vinyl seat of an old fashioned car after the sun had baked it for a few hours.

I put this on before bed and ended up thoroughly ticked. this is a real stinker. I had dreams of outlandishly colorful birds flying overhead and threatening to crap on my head. This was followed by a feeling of sinking in quicksand. I can't recommend this one at all.
20th July, 2010
Green/herbal coniferous lily/rose. Just an odd, trimmed down floral.
04th October, 2008
I had heard so much about Yosh's perfumes and I love Stargazer lilies so I was all prepared to have found a new love. It was bottled in an adorable, tiny little crystal flacon with clean lines (think early Chanel No. 5 bottle) and promised good things ahead. Unfortunately, it was not to be.

On me, Yosh Stargazer smelled like a cheap, knock-off lily fragrance which was cloying and needy. It keept shrieking, "smell me!". It only came in an "oil" so my wrist felt uncomfortably slippery after putting it on. And talk about long-lasting. This scent would not go away! Even after 6 hours, a hot shower and scrubbing my wrist with a buf-puf and soap, it was still annoyingly there. I hope whoever buys Stargazer smells and tests it first to see if they can live with it because for $130/1 oz. it is not cheap.

If you want a true and perfect lily fragrance, my suggestion is Serge Lutens Un Lys or Frederice Malle's Lys Mediterranee.

ps: Lest you think I am a Yosh hater, I adored Sottile by the way. Oil or no, it was a fabulous earthy rose fragrance.
06th April, 2008

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