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Dior Addict 2 (2005)
by Christian Dior


Dior Addict 2 information

Year of Launch2005
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseChristian Dior
Parent CompanyLVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton

About Dior Addict 2

Dior Addict 2 is a feminine perfume by Christian Dior. The scent was launched in 2005

Reviews of Dior Addict 2

I have a soft spot in my heart and a weakness through my nostrils for all that is citrus-scented. I’m so vulnerably at the mercy of my hesperidic weakness that I’d buy Country Time lemonade if it was in a plain glass bottle with a spray nozzle. Unfortunately this weakness has caused me to buy some pretty mediocre scents blindly, based on the simple fact that they were citrus florals. I got Dior Addict 2 through a swap with a friend. She was disappointed DA2 was not a ‘pink’ fragrance. This is definitely not a ‘pink’ fragrance, so do not be misled.

DA2 begins with a boozy, bitter grapefruit—boring and almost worthy of dismissing, regardless if it is Dior or not. In time it redeems itself with the introduction of muguet and it sweetens up with the introduction of fruits-in-a-punch bowl concoction. Six hours later the faint scent of fruit punch, soft florals, and musk linger, leaving behind one of the best drydowns in a hesperidic fragrance.

If you are looking for a sillage bomb or a fragrance powerhouse, look elsewhere. It is a refined and demure fragrance, with quiet, understated class. Save your Tom Ford BOVdF for the VIP section on Saturday night; DA2 spends its Sunday afternoons sipping mimosas at brunch with the girls, wafting in the breeze ever so gently.
27th June, 2012
i think this DAD2 goes popular in China. The bottle looks cheerful and pink attracts young ladies. Fruity fresh fits well Chinese taste. It's nice and maitains Dior's quality.
i used to have one Q version from a Dior collection and enjoys it. It's far from vintage level but the very type for mass market.

09th June, 2011
Dior Addict 2 lacks something for me.

While Dior Addict hits you in the face with its bold personality and strong, smokey vanilla notes, Dior Addict 2 sits in the background, in a corner, not wanting to be noticed.

This is a fruity floral which resembles something that you swear you've smelt time and time again. Unfortunately there is nothing particularly unique about this scent.

Sure, it's pleasant enough and definitely wearable, however it's disappointing when Dior produces so many interesting fragrances yet can't seem to make this one stand out.

The scent itself is sweet, juicy and pretty. It's very light, in fact it is so airy that I can barely detect it on my skin. I must add that the lasting power is terrible, absolutely shocking for a fragrance with such a high price tag and a designer label.

I'm not impressed.

05th June, 2011
Grapefruit and pinapple are the main notes I smell in this perfume. The overall effect I get is that of scented body lotion. Not bad, but not good either. One thing this scent has going for it is that its not very sweet. Any modern pink perfume that can refrain from piling on the sweetness deserves some credit. The verdict? Not for me obvoiously. But I think that a teenager or young twenties something would enjoy this scent for its clean, pink, shampoo, shower fresh scent.
01st April, 2011
Wow, that was.. timid.. and fast.

I'm a man who likes light florals as a change from the traditional masculine fragrances now and then, but wearing this perfume was like trying to balance petals on my pulse points on a breezy day-- pleasant for about 30 seconds and then "Whoop!" gone.

I experienced no silage and laughably short longevity.

Are there even heart or base notes in this thing?

11th February, 2010
Fresh and summery but still not too fruity or sweet... not very floral either. There is definitely a mysterious and sexy site to it without it getting too heavy, meaning it keeps the youthful and fresh character as well.
All in all a very good fragrance although it still did not make it into my alltime top favorites...
07th January, 2009

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