Very Irrésistible for Men (2005)
    by Givenchy

    Very Irrésistible for Men Fragrance notes

    Mint, Grapefruit peel, Mocha, Hazlenut wood

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    This is a nice opening, a bit of grapefruit with a small amount of mint - nice. The drydown that follows raises the stakes and is a very well made mix of a lovely hazelnut and woodsy notes. Clearly synthetic but original and well blended - especially the hazel note is very convincing. Take this nigh-gourmand approach with good silage, very good projection and an excellent longevity of seven hours, and I see why this is a winner as a fragrance, in spite of the relatively few notes in this composition, as they are well done. Sometimes less is more indeed. Great for autumn.

    03 April, 2014

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    United States United States

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    Nice, unique, strange dry down though.

    I was fortunate enough to get a great deal on a bottle of Very Irresistible. I am not 100% sure, but it may be discontinued, as I do not see it in department stores, nor do I see it readily available for purchase online too often.

    The opening is just that.. Hard to resist. It's like a caramel apple. Projection is very good in the opening, but dies down pretty quickly. Once I really get a grasp on what I am smelling, it smells like apple, mint, caramel, and chocolate or mocha. Think sour green apples. Think Ande's mints. Combine the two. Amazing! It's hard to take your nose off of where you sprayed. But you have to stick your nose there, because the projection thins out so quickly.

    Before ya know it, it turns into this odd smelling base, similar to that in Sean John's Unforgivable. Like some wet dog type smell, paired with a very weak woodsy note, and something else I just can't put my nose on. This all takes effect quickly, as the top and mid don't last long. The base goes on for a good 4 hours or so, thankfully not incredibly long, because it's just not good really. A damn shame, from a very promising opening.

    Pros: Unique, Sensual, Awesome bottle
    Cons: Projection, Dry down

    30th June, 2013

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    Minty hazelnuts with hints of chocolate. Actually a wonderful fragrance. Very unique with a good lasting power (over 8 hours), projection and sillage. Sweet in the right amount. Great scent that deserves at least a try. Thumbs up!

    07 January, 2013

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    Very good frag! Starts out with a little mint and chocolate. Kind of reminds me of a York Peppermint Patty. Place this one in the gourmand category. Sweet and slightly woody. Very slight. I enjoy this one just as much as Givenchy PI. PI just has better projection and longevity. Try this!

    06 November, 2012

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    This is semi fresh and really pleasant fragrance, good choice for spring and fall. specially spring! works like a magic.
    It does have a really nice fresh scent by citrus notes and some sweet coffee scent as a back bone of the fragrance.
    The opening is fresh and a little sweet citrus and mint combo scent mixed with light but beautiful hazelnut aroma. the woodsy notes are exist but they are in the background.
    I don't know about you guys, but the opening smell almost like hair shampoo to my nose!!! but a very good smell and quality shampoo!
    As time goes by, the fresh notes settled down and you have a sweet (not too sweet) coffee scent with very light and transparent woodsy and fresh notes in the background.
    Really nice and pleasant smell.
    Both projection and longevity is average on my skin.

    17 October, 2012

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    When I first spray this I get the grapefruit zest straight away giving it a sort of citrus smell which then dies down into the background and allows a more dark scent to develop with the mocha coming through after a while and mingling with the citrus in the background which provides an excellent mixture. Then in the dry down i get more of the cedar coming through to give a warm and long lasting scent. Lasts all day on me. I mainly wear it in the winter/ Autumn, I feel it's too heavy for summer.

    31st August, 2012

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