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Tumulte (2005)
by Christian Lacroix


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Year of Launch2005
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseChristian Lacroix
Parent CompanyInter Parfums

About Tumulte

Tumulte is a feminine perfume by Christian Lacroix. The scent was launched in 2005

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Reviews of Tumulte

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United Kingdom
The two main lines I get in the initial stage are citrus and floral. The citrus is mainly and orangey aroma with a heliotrope-fresh flavour, whilst the floral side is mainly a rose, a lipstick rose which reminds me in some aspects of Dior Homme at times.

The later part is characterised by a mix of the woodsy with the spicy - white musk and a fairly soft patchouli come to mind. A sweetish undertone derided for a tonka note adds depth.

I get moderate sillage, good projection and six hours of longevity on my skin.

Pleasant in spring, this scent is nicely done; nothing earth-shattering but pleasant overall. 3/5.
11th March, 2018
GORGEOUS Niche-smelling fragrance for an excellent price. "Tumulte" is an "amped up" dark, naughty outgoing sister to Frederic Malle's "Lipstick Rose". Think "Lipstick Rose" amped up with tons of roses, heliotrope, orris, & musky patchouli darkness. I get loads of powdery violets in the heart (all though this is not listed as a note, it definatley IS present in the heart).

Francoise Caron, is the maker of this "Tumulte" of a fragrance. Francoise Caron is also the nose behind work of perfume-art like Acqua di Parma's "Iris Nobile" edp & Jean Charles Brosseau's "Ombre Rose L'Original". So sort of like these 3 fragrances combined. Like a classic gone totally patchouli-wild & darkley exotic. The beutiful perfume-add of this fragrance, with the gorgeous oriental lady *looks like this perfume smells* !! Oh, and the bottle is perfect for this fragrance, and *oh so very very beutiful*. A true Oriental Floral (must have for fans of this olfactive group). You shouldn't miss it.

AND, my dear boyfriend never notices a new fragrance on me (can't blame him, check my wardrobe, I'm a fanatic collector). But this made him go *wow this is so seeexy gorgeous Mmmmm* as he burried his nose in my neck.

10/10 stars.
24th October, 2010
In a cold gray winter's day nothing but
sobering colors of different shades of gray Depressing bleak of winter feeling traped and there's no hope until you come across a faint red Orb under the sleet of snow brushing the snow off
your curiosity got the best of you
you gently touched the orb and your
starled by a puff of a Thousand Red Roses falling to the ground you never saw this before bacause you where born
in the darkest Relm where winter never Ends and it's always Gray. and the second time yards of red silk came out
floating and falling on the ground and
melts the snow and relized what she's
done so she with excitement pushed in the orb so many times there came out Red satin walls with Dragon print Luxirous red with Red silk sheets Big red fluffy pillow Red Tassles on the side of the Cannopy Bed And pushed the orb again and Scent of Red Roses came
lingering through the room and Comsumed
by all the roses and all the Luxiourious
Her Pale white skin became Toasty Olive her Platnum Blonde hair Turned Jet Black. Her Gray Eyes became Black as cole her long white flowing gown became a revealing Short red Cheoungsam Dress
with Red Steletto heels. and one last
time the very last time pushed the orb
fire came bursting out and she turned in a dragon. and she was to rule in her firey Relm insted of ice this time is Fire

This Perfume bring warmth in the Cold in winter. if your feeling depressed
drained out because of the weather
coldness or Rain Wear this this will warm your heart.
16th August, 2010
The notes in this don't interact at all. It's 100 dogs howling - hello, Miss Migraine!
18th February, 2010
The bottle design had me expecting something sexier and spicier. At first spritz Tumulte is very busy, yet not complex. I do not detect the 60’s vibe, the patchouli, or the naughtiness a few others mentioned. For me this is a “G” rated fragrance from start to finish: it goes on sweet, and dries down to candy. In a side-by-side test (comparing the two red bottled-fragrances from Lacroix) Rouge comes out on top. I like both bottles, but in design as in scent, Tumulte seems to be trying too hard, while Rouge comes across as less garish, more elegant, more adult, more subtle, and for all these reasons, more seductive. Good news if you like Tumulte: it lasts and lasts and lasts and lasts and lasts.

23rd October, 2008
I like this stuff for the ladies. It is rosy, sweet, fresh, and naughty. I think the under 30 set would really appreciate this. It has somehow been lost in the shuffel of "teeny-bop" generic celebrity scents. Lacroix is not popular in the U.S.A.
Perhaps that is why it has been overlooked.

The operning notes of rosewater it green mandarine make it bright and sunny. Rose, Heliotrope, and orris root, dress it up glamously. Finally the closing notes of patchouli and vanilla-musk make it elegant and unexpected.

Go ahead and treat yourself with this modern playful scent, besides the bottle looks great!
02nd September, 2008

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