Brit Sheer (2007)
    by Burberry

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    I love this!

    I think this smells fantastic. It's fresh, clean, and fruity. There's definitely citrus in there early on and the scent just reminds of bright sunny mornings in late spring or early summer, a crisp blue sky and a walk in a wooded park. The problem with it is the longevity. I can put it on and the moment it dries on my skin, the scent is pretty much gone so you'll never have to worry about offending someone because it's impossible to put on too much of it. I wish it lasted longer. I wear it when I go to sleep since it's so light!

    29 July, 2013

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    Australia Australia

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    This perfume is quite simple, but lovely. When I first smelled it, it just smelled quite plain and airy, and I wasn't so convinced to get it. However, after a little while, the freshness of the fruits really came through. It's perfect for warm days in spring and summer like today because it's so light and pleasant, so it's great if you don't really feel like wearing perfume so much in humid climates. Settles to a light, sweet musk that's just beautiful.

    07 November, 2012

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    Australia Australia

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    This was the first Burberry fragrance that I didn't fall head over heels in love with. Usually I'm lucky with their fragrances because they're often flowery, light or sweet, however Brit Sheer was far too fruity for my liking.

    I enjoyed both the EDT and EDP versions of Brit, so I immediately assumed I would like this fragrance. I often find that if I have high expectations before smelling a scent, I am usually left disappointed.

    The pineapple note is far too strong and when mixed with the yuzu note, it creates something that is sour and acidic smelling. To some people this fragrance is refreshing and clean, however fruity or citrusy fragrances don't usually appeal to my tastes in perfumes. I much prefer soft floral scents.

    Even though Brit Sheer isn't my type of fragrance, this perfume doesn't strike me as being anything special. It is far too generic and safe.

    The lasting strength is also a disappointment, not lasting any longer than 2 hours.

    Edit: I have forced myself to re-test this and I must admit that it smells much nicer on the skin. I'm beginning to sense a delicate, sparkling pink grapefruit scent. On a warm day this is quite refreshing.

    26 April, 2011

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    The notes include yuzu, mandarin, pineapple leaves, lychee, grapes, peony, peach blossom, sweet pea, nashi pear, white musk and amyris wood. It's true; nothing groundbreaking or enlightening about this juice and it is not distinctive as a scent. However, it is completely inoffensive and just plain nice; like that one person you know from work that is consistently nice, kind, and treats you with respect. This perfume does exactly the same- will always treat you kind, and you can't go wrong with it. Fresh, floral, and slightly fruity, this is one of those perfumes you wear on a day where you just want to smell fresh but ordinary.

    11th April, 2011

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    Turkey Turkey

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    Reminded me of Gucci Envy Me. Like it's sister Burberry Brit, Brit Sheer doesn't offer anything special; it, too, is an ordinary cologne-like scent. Nice, yes, but ordinary. Doesn't make a statement. I'd prefer Envy Me if I wanted a floral fragrance.

    01st April, 2010

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    a glitzy fruity blend on a creamy foundation.nothing else seems to persue sheer, just the same scent through out as it does get creamier. no longevity issues with this one which can easily do 8 hrs. not that exciting nor attention grabbing for me, but sheer is a nice smelling scent in the end.

    18 December, 2009

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