Just Me (2005)
    by Paris Hilton

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    Australia Australia

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    This fragrance is a really basic fruity floral and a blantant rip-off of Miracle by Lancome.

    Although I don't like Miracle, I must say that it smells much nicer than Just Me. This fragrance is very strong and synthetic, especially in the opening which is made up of weird plasticy raspberry and bergamot and overly strong peppers. It was a shock to my nose.

    After the spicy opening, Just Me develops into a predictable soapy/shampoo like floral blend. It may smell passable if applied to the hair, but on the skin, Just Me smells like you've rubbed shower gel all over you and forgot to wash it off.

    The lasting strength is actually quite good, it lasted a fair while on my skin. Unfortunately I just can't imagine anyone wearing this. Even my thirteen year old cousin who loves Paris Hilton, hated this. I think this fragrance really has to be loved in order to be bought.

    15 June, 2011

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    i dont like this, i imagine the woman wearing this to be like paris hilton...blonde, girly, wears alot of pink, has a little doggy in a handbag, collects barbies....this woman is not me

    27 March, 2010

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    Croatia Croatia

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    Funny, casual, a bit sexy scent. No much of sillage, but I guess longevity is fine. No, I did not wear it or tested it, a girl that I was on a date with wore it. Scent itself is not overly amazing, I could say it can pass as tad bit cheap - Benneton, Adidas - type of scent. Fragrance is inoffensive, not pungent or cloying, pretty much a safe choice if you ask me, but if one seeks something overwhelming - wrong address, no glamour or hype there wich you can in fact appreciate. Why neutral then? Well, I'm not amazed, It's hard to amaze me. When I smell a scent, I want this certain something - upliftingness, thrillingness or even something negative maybe. I want an emotion, inspiration. This scent doesn't have it. Girl from the hood scent, with a dose of self awareness.

    06 March, 2010

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    Light and flowery, but mostly fruity scent.
    It is a floral fruity type of perfume.

    Top note: Bergamot, Red Berries, Pink Peppercorn
    Middle note: Violet, Lily of the Valley, White Rose, Freesia, Iris
    Base note: Sandalwood, Vanilla, Ylang, Musks, Blonde Woods

    I agree with (takemyhusbandplz) opinion.
    This perfume is very ordinary and boring and there is nothing special about it.
    So I don’t think it is worth buying, when there are a lot of perfumes in the market that are more interesting and unique.

    29 January, 2009

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    Latvia Latvia

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    This perfume is just so good! I love it! It has a spicy note with some fresh ones.

    19 January, 2009

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    United States United States

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    Very sexy floral fun scent. My friend wears it and I just LOVE it. I always know when she wears it and it just smells so clean and fresh.

    It can be worn out anytime/anywhere and also works great on formal events.

    23 October, 2006

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