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Dior Homme (2005)
by Christian Dior


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Year of Launch2005
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseChristian Dior
PerfumerOlivier Polge
PackagingTsutomu Kiyama
Parent CompanyLVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton

About Dior Homme

Dior Homme is a masculine fragrance by Christian Dior. The scent was launched in 2005 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Olivier Polge. The bottle was designed by Tsutomu Kiyama

Dior Homme fragrance notes

Reviews of Dior Homme

Where to start? This wonderful creation has changed my olfactory life! I really don't know where to begin so i'll begin by bouncing off of a previous review:

I disagree that it smells like a women's fragrance. Yes its general feel is sweet (but never sickly) but it smells nothing like any perfume aimed at women, past or present. Its base and background have very traditional masculine notes which is what makes it so beautifully ambiguous. It is a genuinely 21st century perfume, it could not have come from any other time in history. In some ways you could imagine a dandified gent in the 1920's wearing it but i think it's too subtle a scent for that time period.

You will hear and read many people saying that Dior Homme Intense is the better and much improved version of this perfume but i strongly disagree with that notion too. DHI amplifies the most populist aspects of Dior Homme but to my nose it is a sugar-candy cartoon of the original and lacks all the refinement, subtlety and perfect balance of Dior Homme.

There is so much that is perfect about this rare gem of a perfume that i simply don't have the words for. I was completely under its spell from the first time we met and i have never tired of it. It feels warm and cosy without ever feeling overly spiced so i find i can happily wear it all year around. The iris has a gentle sweetness that is just the right level so you would never be accused of wearing some dreadful Britney Spears concoction (!) and the amber, leather, sage and patchouli root the whole fragrance in a groundedness that confirms this to be indeed a masculine fragrance. But of course a masculine fragrance that a woman could well enjoy wearing if she so chose to do so, i think it would make just as intriguing a fragrance on women as it does on men.

And i'm pleased to (selfishly) say i have very rarely encountered Dior Homme on anyone other than myself which either means that is doesn't shout at people or it simply isn't popular with the masses. I think both are true. It probably doesn't appeal to a lot of men, but the ones it does appeal to are just the sort you'd like to know!

I have no doubt in my mind that Dior Homme EDT will go on to be considered an undisputed classic if it is not already and i cannot salute Dior enough for making this their flagship mens line... and for creating trite like Sauvage to distract the tasteless masses!!
18th November, 2017
DHI is my favorite from the Dior Homme line. Dior Homme is number 2 for me but has to get top marks for being the founder of the much talked about dynasty.

One of the most important fragrances in male perfumery history!!

Very fresh and light with the obvious iris blast. Great for daytime but could easily be worn for more formal settings although personally I would leave that one to it's younger Brother.

Original, Captivating and sophisticated. Love it!!

Price - 10/10
Scent - 10/10
Originality - 10/10
Compliments - 7/10
Longevity - 6/10
Sillage - 4/10

Total Marks - 7.8
07th November, 2017 (last edited: 08th November, 2017)
A very sexy and sensual lip stick scent that i only on very special occasions.
A must have for the sexually active individual.
it just puts me in the mood !
10th October, 2017
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United Kingdom
I avoided this one for a while but wish I hadn't. Will surely go down as one of the classics. A unisex scent but I would prefer to describe it as a unique masculine. Has the infamous smell of lipstick, making it an acquired taste for some. I never tire of this one. An all time great from the house of Dior.
25th September, 2017
A beautiful and ironically unisex iris fragrance, with cardamom, lavender and vetiver. Well done, with a very interestingly slow evolution. Great fragrance. A classic.
29th April, 2017
Now and then a fragrance is launched that smells completely unique. This is it; and my second bottle! I have the Intense version too.
Like the reviews said it's powdery, old ladies handbag, lipstick, yet warmly masculine all at the same time. The dry down is true to the opening; it has great lasting ability. A wonderful all year fragrance that has garnered some comments. It has become one of my all time favourites.
12th March, 2017

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