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Fragonard is a feminine perfume by Fragonard.

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The original and the best of all Fragonard fragrances IMHO. Fragonard's signature scent is a clever piece of chemistry, in that it presents itself as a simple floral, but I think there is far more going on here than meets the eye. It's no "youthful, girly" fragrance, gone in a flash. It needs to be worn by someone who appreciates the journey.

The scent comes out strong and kicking, enveloping the body with an incredible sillage that keeps it lingering for a good long while. The lily and honeysuckle are the strong front presence, ably supported by warm, lingering amber tones on dry down. Eventually those delicious base notes come through; hugging the skin all milky-musky and piquant, strongly reminiscent of the head of a sleeping newborn baby - there is just no other way of describing it. At this stage, it is both delicious and addictive.

Be warned - Fragonard EDP is a deception. You think it's going to be a one or two note jockey, with those strong initial standardised florals; but it's smooth evolution into new and equally powerful heart and base notes, and its sheer scent longevity (7-8 hours +) makes it so much more than that.

A very sophisticated scent, when seen through to the end. I will buy a new bottle of EDP direct from the factory in Grasse at least once a year. Stay clear of the EDT (which M&S stocks) unless you are only after the initial floral hit. But in this case don't expect to pick up those marvellous milky, musky base notes with anything less than the EDP. It's worth the extra for this reason alone.

This traditional smelling classic is currently my everyday go-to perfume.
10th October, 2015 (last edited: 11th October, 2015)
I'm enjoying Fragonard immensely because it has such simplistic beauty. This is a wonderfully balanced composition, with every note complimenting the other in perfect harmony.

There is a hint of zesty bergamot, which gives this fragrance a slight energetic feel. Mostly this fragrance is centered around the lily, honeysuckle and the jasmine, creating this sensuous yet green and leafy bouquet.

It's a very classic scent, like one you might wear on your wedding day. I'd certainly wear this fragrance if I was to wed on a rainy day in Rome, it has that cold yet romantic feel to it.

Fragonard makes you feel like a woman, a wise and elegant one at that. There's something very clean and crisp about the scent too, which makes it more likable on the skin.

It's along the lines of Diorissimo, just not as pink and Spring-like. Fragonard feels much plainer, but in no way boring, it just relies on its wearer to make something out of it. The scent makes me think of lotion and wedding dresses, there's no other way for me to describe it.

Not really a fragrance to make a statement, but one that will garner many compliments. I highly recommend.
14th April, 2012

An apparently uncomplicated floral that opens with strong aldehydes: I admire the floral simplicity, and I donít find the aldehydes dominant or distracting. I also have a suspicious, unsupported thought that perhaps it isnít as uncomplicated as it first appearsÖ It presents an unique, enjoyable package. Besides aldehydes, I get jasmine, lily, and amber, plus a background floral that reminds me more of lilac than anything elseÖ well, maybe itís the lily. Most of the impact of the fragrance is floral; the amber is quite reticent to my nose. I donít get wood Ė I donít even suspect the ďkusla tree,Ē but the lack of a woodnote and a strong amber note doesnít seem to weaken the fragrance at all. As simple and direct as Fragonard EDT is, I think that this is a good fragrance Ė itís straightforward, enjoyable, and mistake proof. Very nice.

29th January, 2011
Nukapai Show all reviews
United Kingdom
If Anais-Anais is a girl-group, this is a solo performance with a clear, young voice. It's a good, pretty, wearable floral. This scent shares some of the sentiments from Anais Anais, but doesn't teeter quite so on the precipice of blousy.
04th May, 2009
chengfun Show all reviews
United Kingdom
I bought the parfum unsniffed. On first trying it, it reminded me of Anais Anais and also Madison Soiree. It shares some notes with both. It's a pretty girly floral fragrance. However, it is also perfumey and aldehydic, which I'm not very keen on. So I'm regretting this blind buy, luckily it's not very expensive.
02nd December, 2008
I just adore that scent it seems simple and truly elegant and unique at the same time
Fresh with hints of flowers and sweetness for any season any time an easy to wear classic.
It is apparently Brooke Shields scent and so she should.
a great classic but not as serious as number 5.
jasmin lilly honeysuckle bergamot finnishing with musc and amber
13th September, 2005

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