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Émilie is a feminine perfume by Fragonard.

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This is a gorgeous, sensual, extremely feminine and very enticing perfume. I have smelled it on two women who were not even acquaintances, merely in passing, and many years later I distinctly remember both of them.

I don't think Emilie captures (at least my own) male imagination by using any civet or any secretions from any other species (to which, when you think about it for a moment, a romantic attraction would be awfully weird.) But capture my romantic imagination it does.

Perhaps this is done by using indolic aspects of tuberose, rose, jasmine and honey, although I do not specifically detect those scents in Emilie. The whole thing is wrapped in a silky, lacy powder and grrrrrrrrr.

Definitely not demure. Absolutely, positively not unisex.
30th November, 2015
I have only just introduced myself to Fragonard, and from what I have experienced so far, this brand caters to all the needs of a true floral lover.

Emilie may not be unique, yet this fragrance is extremely likable. Predictable in its composition, the floral notes come together to create something very pretty and feminine on the skin.

A little sweet, but mostly natural, Emilie could be categorized as a romantic scent. Rose and violet tend to dominate this composition with a slight powdery-ness.

There are many colourful aspects of this scent, however at times it can be too 'perfumey' and a little too loud. For the first few minutes after applying Emilie, the intial outburst is quite alcoholic. This may not be the case with the parfum version, but just as a fore-warning, the eau de toilette goes on very strong.

Emilie is quite a characteristic scent, almost like a refined, exquisite lady, possibly a French one, with elegance and style. The amber in the base notes begin to hint at her being a little naughty at times, perhaps rebellious and eager to break any constraints.

My only gripe with this fragrance is its lack of originality. I didn't expect to be blown away, however I needed that little something that made me draw in my breath.

14th November, 2011
While Fragonard fragrances can sometimes be slightly bland and not too powerful, this one is quite lovely and, I find, unique: though it is totally floral and even girly, there is an almost peculiar 'dryness' about it that saves it from sickly floweriness. It lasts all day on me, too. To top it all, Fragonards are so reasonably priced! Too bad about the trip to France you need to finance to buy them...
EDIT: I'm sad. The 'dryness' I mentioned seems to be lacking/less strong in my new full-size bottle, and I'm getting so much violet I can hardly bear it. I love this perfume for what it means to me sentimentally, but I'm going to be wearing it less and less, I can tell. It's quite 'perfumey' too, strong and yes, a touch cloying. So sad! Maybe I liked it better because I was dabbing before, from my mini, and now I'm spraying... hard to test this hypothesis though, as my old mini's topnotes have gone and it's depositing mainly alcohol and old perfume-smell on my skin when I try to use it now...
09th January, 2008 (last edited: 15th July, 2008)
This is Chic and flowers and lots of them.
Feminity with a big F.UPLIFTING
It is Women in all its glory but with a hint of attitude.
It it classic scent very signature just BEAUTIFULL and powerfull.
This must leave a great scillage like a big bouquet.
This is femme femme femme.
Smart colors a great labelled suit maybe a first date RECOMMENDED
a bouquet of thumps up
13th September, 2005

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