Hamptons (2005)
    by Bond No. 9

    Hamptons Fragrance Notes

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    Soft and floral top notes. A very ozone- like citrus note. Mostly soft white flowers. I am not digging this so much. I get a bit of rose, very light, air freshener like. Now read the notes, and I do get the ice tea note. I don't want to smell like ice tea, or at least not this ice tea. Pass.

    22 December, 2013

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    This smells like a cosmeceutical or body cleansing product. Its linear and has decent projection. It reminds me of a fragrance that should be faint and in the background but it inst. The scent has a familiar quality but I don't really find people walking around smelling like it. So I'd say to a person wearing this that he smells good versus asking what is he wearing? It smells refined and well groomed. Don't assume i'm talking about prep school old money well groomed. Its pretty boy damn i look good in the mirror metrosexual well groomed.

    Its a very clean scent. Like a barely masculine soapy scent although not soapy. I guess its more of an aquatic clean scent. I could imagine smelling this on a well groomed guy right after primping and getting dressed for the day. Its not shower fresh. Its after you finish grooming fresh with hair styled and clothes on.

    I think it could work as a unisex fragrance but it veers more towards the masculine side. I've never smelled creed's smw but this smells like a way way way better version of clean shower fresh for men after the dry down or a cologned up bottle of the blue shower to shower body powder.

    Overall I give the fragrance thumbs up.

    22 March, 2013

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    I do get some of Silver Mountain Water here, but the tea notes are way overpronounced. With the citrus, it truly smells like like 1/2 SMW, 1/2 Iced Tea.

    These are not the smooth tea notes that you will find in fragrances like Gucci Pour Homme II, Bulgari Black, Midnight in Paris, and Silver Mountain Water, but rather the kind that is likenable to a bottle of Snapple.

    This a good fragrance, but for the same exact price, just get yourself a bottle of Silver Mountain Water, rather than this cheap knockoff (whether the similarities were intentional or unintentional).

    This is one of the many Bonds that are way overpriced, compared to the quality that you get. This could easily compete with a lot of $50 fragrances out there, but not in the $200+ price range that it is selling for.

    07 September, 2012 (Last Edited: 06 November, 2012)

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    I don't know about Bond. It seems these fragrances artfully concoct the most synthetic, impersonal aspects of fragrances that are all supposed to conjure memories with their elaborate backstories. I almost try to ignore the descriptions of perfumes because they are all so hyped, but Bond's word artestry is sublime.

    Hamptons is supposed to be unisex, but comes across as feminine only because it is so chipper. Beyond "fresh," it is hair product clean. I think it is a touch of synthetic rose, combined with a soapy accord, that does it, although rose isn't listed in the notes.

    Someone said that Bond is great with topnotes but basenotes are crafted unsuccessfully. I would guess that the basenotes are purposefully lacking because Morganthaler is trying to keep the topnotes supersonically high without muddling them. If the topnotes were worthy of this treatment, I would approve.

    03 July, 2012

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    Alright, so after spending a month with both this and Cree'd Silver Mountain Water, I have to say that I prefer Bond. They are *extremely* similar, and yeah SMW came out 10 years before Hamptons did and Bond totally ripped off Creed, but Hamptons has this really metallic true silver note at the top, where as SMW does not have this. They both have the "hairspray" notes, but I think combined with the metallic note at the top, Bond wins.

    Longevity for both is not good considering they are both EDPs...I get around 4 hours max.
    Cold weather? Fuh-get-abow-tit. 2 hours!

    Projection is about the same.

    I'll go with Hamptons every time.

    17 February, 2012

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    This smells too similar to Creed's Silver Mountain Water for me to ever consider buying as it would not make sense to have both in my wardrobe.

    It's a pleasant fragrance but has more to it through the opening and mid stages of it. The dry down is extremely light and is feminine compared to what SMW leaves, which is one of the few reasons I love SMW.

    If you want a lighter alternative to SMW, this fits the bill. While not a bad frag at all, I would purchase SMW over Hamptons every time.

    26 December, 2011

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