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Original Santal (2005)
by Creed


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Year of Launch2005
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyCreed

About Original Santal

Original Santal is a masculine fragrance by Creed. The scent was launched in 2005

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Reviews of Original Santal

In my best Adm. Ackbar impersonation: "I've been jooop'd". And not the decent older J@@P! iteration at that!

This was #1 terrible blind-buy. I had to ask myself: What self-respecting house puts out something like this asking such MSRP? Answer: there is none. And I quickly climbed out of that particular rabbit hole. Enough said.
18th December, 2017
Spicy and Sophisticated...

I've actually waited a long time to wear this one, as I've been wearing Creed fragrances for a while now. I have also become a fan of sandalwood fragrances recently and am always happy to try out new fragrances. With Creed - Original Santal I get a very high quality opening which impresses me, except for the fact that I've smelled this before, namely in Individuel by Mont Blanc. I feel like this is the "elephant in the room" when it comes to Original Santal, because it's hard to justify a purchase for this one when you know that Individuel is available and is at least 70% or 80% similar. I could say that the Creed is somewhat more mature and spicy (and I have no doubt that they use quality ingredients), yet the similarities I feel are too great to ignore.

Having said that, I love the presentation that Creed offers, I love the made-up backstory and history etc (we love to be lied to really..) and I almost "buy in" to all of that. But ultimately, as with all fragrances from this house, it's worth it if money is of no issue to you. I do personally like this one, as I love the combination of spices and soft musk and the hints of sandalwood etc. which is a really great combination, however there are better sandalwood fragrances out there, better cinnamon fragrances out there, and better musk-like fragrances out there. I feel that there is nothing wrong at all with Original Santal as a standalone fragrance, but the fact that Individuel came out first and almost does what this does makes it hard to justify buying at full price. I will keep and use my decant but I'm not convinced to pay the full price for this (despite the fact that it is well blended etc.), and in this case, it's more of a "like" than a "love" for me.

19th October, 2017
Hexafluoride centrifuged
In Ulan-Ude.

To which she replied,
"Some of us require perfumes
We alone complete."

"Trust me sir," she said
As I stood frozen, mid-sniff,
"She was wearing this."
10th October, 2017
This is to Creed what Reflection man is to Amouage. Underrated!!They are both considered mainstream offerings so get a bit of disrespect. Both fragrances are classy and sophisticated in my opinion. Reflection man is compared to JPG Le Male but is in a different league. OS is often compared to Joop! but is also in a different league. Joop! is harsh. OS is smooth. Very creamy and a compliment geter for sure!!
Beautiful dreamy creamy scent. One of my favourites!

05th October, 2017 (last edited: 17th November, 2017)
Mehhh . Is nice but is just not worth the money. It is similar to joop and individuel but santal is obviously superior I just can't say it's ten times as superior. Very sweet with a bit of a clean linen vibe in the opening. I owned an older batch which was quite different to the newer ones as I could actually detect some sandal wood. Can pick up Tonka in the dry down.

Doesn't have amazing performance given the price .

Total rating 6/10
27th July, 2017
Not a bad fragrance, but too sweet for my taste. It's listed as a men's fragrance, but if someone told me it was Unisex I wouldn't argue.
19th March, 2017

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