Original Santal (2005)
    by Creed

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    The opening has cinnamon and juniper with the coriander joining in a bit later, there is a hint of sandalwood it takes a while to develop noticeably. It is more obvious in the drydown, but remains in the background whilst a nice ginger with rosemary are in the dominant roles. Later a very nice tonka -neither too sweet nor cloying- gradually grows stronger and takes over the base eventually. This "Santal" is a bit of a misnomer, like a violin fan seeing announced a violin concerto but then a Haydn Symphony is performed. It is not truly a sandalwood-centred scent like Creed's Bois de Santal or the more subtle Santal Impérial, and I can see why some see it as a spicy or nearly a gourmand fragrance. Indubitably, though, the silage and the projection are outstanding, and the longevity is unreal and amazing, especially for Creed: Fourteen hours! Great for autumn on cold days.

    10th February, 2014

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    United States United States

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    I also tried this at Neiman Marcus, and I wanted something from Creed's lineup that WASN'T Aventus! Aventus is getting to be THE go-to parfum, and I don't want to be like the other guys!

    Luckily, Original Santal offers a manly, sophisticated, and slightly playful response. Smells like smokey cinammon over vanilla. It's not as spicy or pungent as it sounds, it's a daring blend. I enjoy it!

    06 January, 2014

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    This blows others out of the water

    I went to the Neiman Marcus store to try out various Creed scents. Among all of them, this one stood out. No other smell was as powerful, interesting, or long lasting.

    This scent is very sweet like vanilla candy with woody undertones and spice. It's agreeable as long as you don't overdo it. It's absolutely perfect for cold nights. It's "sexy", somewhat of a unisex scent. Highly recommended.

    Pros: Highly unique, bold, warm, sweet, projection, longevity,
    Cons: Opening is overpowering at times. "

    28 October, 2013

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    I bought this as a blind buy about a year ago. I tried it at that time and felt that it was cloyingly sweet. I put it away on the back shelf until now. I thought I would try it again, with summer over, as a possible warm, spicy scent for the fall and winter. I used a very small spray on my wrist. Even with that small amount, I was struck by a cloyingly sweet and spicy blast. and then it seemed to amplify. It just kept coming at me! Remember Robert Patrick in Terminator 2? Like that! I thought that I could let it ride until the dry down to see if it improved. No dice. After an hour, it was overwhelming and I had a headache and felt nauseated – this from a guy who hasn't thrown up in 20 years. I finally had to scrub it off – no mean feat. On a positive note, I tried Aventus again and had a more positive experience compared to the last time I wore it. Maybe Creed is not a complete loss for me.

    Pros: Could disguise the smell of decomp.
    Cons: Longevity"

    27 September, 2013

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    A spice bomb from the house of Creed

    Opening: Spice! Cinnamon and coriander to the exclusion of anything else. My eyes are watering.
    Middle: Coriander recedes and is replaced by slight sandalwood. Ginger, too. Cinnamon remains strong.
    Dry Down: Cinnamon still dominant, now joined by a more pleasant vanilla. The ginger remains.
    Goodness, what a powerful fragrance! My nostrils were singed within seconds of applying Original Santal, and even a full day later, the body scent clung to me as if freshly applied. I have simply never encountered a fragrance with this kind of longevity. Perhaps it is a quirk of my body chemistry, but I felt at times as if I had received an Original Santal *implant* rather than a mere topical application of the stuff!
    Unfortunately, it was not a fragrance I wanted to last for 24+ hours. There is no subtlety here, and frankly very little sandalwood. It is the quintessential "spice bomb," and a nuclear one at that. The first 6-8 hours were suffocating. Thankfully, I sampled it at home over a weekend, so I didn't damage my reputation at work. The dry down, which occurs after about 8 hours, was pleasant but certainly not enough to justify the scorched earth opening.
    It is a masculine scent, though I struggle to imagine what sort of man would want to wear this every day. Some young bucks in rut may want to dab some on before hitting "the clubs," but woe to the doe who follows this scent trail!
    Scent: 2/5
    Sillage: 5/5
    Longevity: 5/5

    Pros: powerful sillage, unrivaled longevity for a Creed
    Cons: scorched nostrils, overpowering spice

    24 June, 2013

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    This is pretty ghastly. The initial effect is a cloyingly sweet cherry lollipop which transitions through various fruity lollipop flavours before settling for a monolithic, super-sweet Creed-flavoured lollipop. Creeds have a particular Creed-ness about them: thin but hyper-insistent. They are the pub bore of fragrances. This one is still yelling in my ear hours after I've stopped listening. And not one molecule of sandalwood in the whole creation.

    Worth mentioning, though, that others found this quite pleasant, though none could detect any sandalwood whatsoever. "Smells like rich people," someone said. Great, but I'd have preferred to smell like sandalwood.

    27 April, 2013

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