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Baraja (2002)
by Acqua di Biella


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Year of Launch2002
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseAcqua di Biella

About Baraja

Baraja is a shared / unisex perfume by Acqua di Biella. The scent was launched in 2002

Baraja fragrance notes

Reviews of Baraja

The first couple of minutes after spraying are off-putting to me. Something in the combination is bothersome, but it soon works its way out of the mixture and what remains is an intriguing but soft and subtle accord that I can’t deconstruct into the usual categories except that it is modern, abstract, fresh, non-ozonic, and so sniffable. What I’m smelling might be what others are referring to fabric softeners, and if that’s true, I want to find and use that particular fabric softener. I guess I have to spend more time in the laundry products aisle. What Baraja actually reminds me of is the opening and heart of Cool Water – it doesn’t smell like Cool Water – not the same notes, at all – but it has the same kind of abstractness and cool distance, and it gives off about the same style of sillage of Cool Water does; Baraja is much, much more subtle and refined than Cool Water, of course. Its overall impact is one of an abstract and neutral elegance of freshness. The drydown retains the initial freshness with a mild vetiver / patchouli / ambergris combination that is not very original but it is more than adequate and enjoyable. It would be even more enjoyable if it lasted longer.

If I were to still require quiet, fresh fragrances, I certainly would give this a strong purchase consideration in spite of its somewhat poor longevity. It is “fresh” done without those dreaded aquatics or ozonics; it’s done with class and discrimination and extremely enjoyable accords. It is refined and subtle and about as elegant as a fragrance of this type can be. I like it very much.

28th November, 2009
Baraja starts out with a non-descript slightly stale smell. Within fifteen minutes I began to enjoy the scent, detecting ginger and fragrant wood. It really felt like the ginger and wood did no more than say a short hello before the main act tiptoes in. For roughly three hours my skin smells like standard fare fabric conditioner.

It's true that there is something more interesting going on underneath the main projecting smell of Baraja, but it's so ghostly that to my mind it's irrelevant.

I just can’t get my head around this scent. To help my wife explained, “I can totally understand that someone would want to smell like freshly washed clothes, afterall the clean clothes smell doesn’t last too long after the wash”…. I’m wasn't convinced. Wouldn’t it make more sense to buy Febreze ‘Fabric Refresher TO GO’ for 5% of the cost of Baraja. It easily fits into your pocket or bag, you can then spritz your clothes with they need freshening up. Baraja is not a bad smell but I'm not going to help dupe anyone into buying this by leaving a neutral.
13th September, 2009 (last edited: 05th October, 2009)
This is just OK to me. A fine quality soapy (not a bad thing) scent that's fresh but a might cloying at first. The EdC strength really kicks the bucket on this one. I think I'll pass.
08th July, 2008
Refreshing citrus and and very prominent scent of TIDE laundry detergent. Not my favorite accord, but funny enough, my kids LOVE it! Lasting power is medium, sillage is fairly low on me. Not a favorite, but not awful in the least, and I can imagine that on some skin there would be much less TIDE, much more refreshing and clean citrus.
30th April, 2008 (last edited: 09th June, 2008)
Baraja opens with lemon, citron, and lime. This is a burst of a very fresh "green" smell. It actually evokes to color of green. the middles notes are black currant, peach and a hint of honey. This lends a fresh "air" vibe to the mellow green smell that stills persists in the development while not detecting anything componet from the middle notes in particular. The rich base notes of amber, patchouly, and vetiver support the green composition by adding a bit of depth and character. Vetiver further supports the opening act to add opulence and vibrancy to the green aura while the amber and patchouly only support the vetiver and move it forward. Overall, it is very fresh, very pure, very green, and a fragrance that instantly makes you happy! I understand the conotations to fresh linen but this in no way is the complete picture. This is an instant love for me and when you want to be happy, want to smell clean, want to feel good, this is the perfect choice. Baraja is perfectly blended and is very smooth in operation. One might think it wears close to the skin because you receive gently wafts here and there but, it projects and has sillage in a "civilized" way. A perfect 10/10 and a must have. Your get clean, soapy, depth, and satisfaction. Great job Acqua di Biella!
07th April, 2008
Finally, I couldn't resist and purchased a bottle of Baraja even if I worried about its lasting power. Now, I got addicted to this scent. It really smells a bit like fabric softener (in a positive way), very clean, fresh, slightly fruity. And it lasts surprisingly long on me. It stays very close to my skin, compareable to the Gendarme fragrances, but I can detect it even after several hours. A feel-good scent suitable for any occasion.
11th March, 2006

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