Eau de Lune
    by Laura Mercier

    Eau de Lune Fragrance notes

    Mandarin, Violet, Ylang ylang

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    Bal a Versailles

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    I swear I don't know that I lean towards Violet but its always there. It's feminine, has nice projection and sillage; it's pleasant, a little boring. Nobody is going to accost you in the elevator and demand to know the brand. I was curious as to the fragrance as I am quite impressed with the make-up line. The top is extraordinarily heavy and falls like Newton's apple, always on your big toe. The colour of the juice goes off really quickly to a lovely shade of urea. Not. Put your dosh into Elie Saab or Fleur de Cristal, or something tingly.

    09 May, 2013

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    Australia Australia

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    Eau de Lune is a beautiful soft floral which is simplistic but never boring.

    The scent itself is generally fresh and clean with a glorious musky drydown. The notes have been blended well with the violet, white peach, rose and hibiscus giving this fragrance both character and style.

    It's a relatively safe scent, something that would suit all seasons and occasions and would suit the workplace nicely as it is very inoffensive and subtle.

    The lasting strength is great and the overall composition, in my opinion, heavenly. I highly recommend.

    11th June, 2011

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    United States United States

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    I'm pretty sure the world didn't need another fruity-floral, but this one is nicely done. It's uplifting, well-balanced, not too sweet (more floral than fruity), and perfectly inoffensive. These days, it's easy to turn one's nose up at yet another common fruity-floral. However, in this case, it's easy to turn my nose toward this one.

    02 March, 2009

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    Love this fragrance,very feminine w/o it being too flowery...always get lots of compliments with this one.

    30th November, 2005

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