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Snob (1952)
by Le Galion


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Year of Launch1952
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseLe Galion
PerfumerPaul Vacher

About Snob

Snob is a feminine perfume by Le Galion. The scent was launched in 1952 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Paul Vacher

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United States
In 1952, Le Galion nose Paul Vacher created a fragrance for the fashionable women of the world and had the audacity name it Snob. Interestingly, Vacher’s Snob, which is built on an accord of rose and jasmine, has often been compared to Patou’s Joy which, as “the costliest perfume in the world” has lots of snob appeal. Snob’s rose and jasmine heart is softer than Joy’s, which flaunts its riches in a wanton, indolic way. Snob starts with a fresh citrus opening (mandarin and bergamot) and eases you into the rose middle which is supported by jasmine, orange blossom and the lipstick note of iris. This makeup note is almost a house note for Le Galion and ensures that their feminine fragrances are very feminine, indeed.
The soft rose at the heart of Snob goes on forever—long after the jasmine and orange blossoms have wilted in the corsage, the rose note carries on, joined by light woods and a musk note as faint but compelling as the scent arising from a woman’s brassiere, tossed onto the chaise longue with the slip, stockings and garter belt, after a day’s wearing.
This soft and feminine rose perfume is old fashioned and very classy. It does not have the rich “come hither” swagger of Joy, or the loud, crass exuberance of St. Laurent’s Paris. Nor does it have the powerhouse shoulder pads of Ungaro’s Diva or the fruited beauty of Guerlain’s Nahéma. Le Galion describes Snob as being “sumptuous and with a big personality, it is a fragrance for all trendy women, perfect for parties and gatherings.” I find it to have a softer, gentler aura. The snobbery around today’s Snob is a reverse snobbery—the lady who has found the true gem of a fragrance that does not need to shout, does not need to seduce, can look with real disdain upon the trendy followers of fashion—the Angel and Flowerbomb wearers of the world—and retreat from the arena to leave the others to battle it out.
08th August, 2016 (last edited: 09th August, 2016)
It is true - this is lighter than, but oh, so similar to, Patou's Joy, that it could be named "Eau de Joy."

The edp I sampled was dark red and quite oily. Lots more use of original oils compared to alcohol content.

Barbara Herman tells us it contains rose, narcissus, hyacinth, tuberose and jasmine. I believe it. The rose is very heavy and there is also the sharpness of muguet, both of which are for me the standout notes of Joy.

It really is a toss up between the two fragrances, they are that much alike. Snob is both lighter and denser at the same time, while Joy is brighter and stronger in concentration.

Le Galion was a small house with not many scents, Snob and Sortilege being its most distinctive successes.
11th April, 2014
Another Joy, very beautiful, and without the animalic notes that you can find in Joy extract. You can compare it also to Guerlain Ode.
03rd July, 2010
I read somewhere that Snob was Le Galion's answer to Patou's Joy. Out of the bottle, the two smell nearly identical. But on the skin, Snob is much lighter. You can still smell the similarity, but it's much sprightlier and has a salty note to it.
22nd February, 2010

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