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Hierbas de Ibiza
by Hierbas de Ibiza


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About Hierbas de Ibiza

Hierbas de Ibiza is a shared / unisex perfume by Hierbas de Ibiza.

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Reviews of Hierbas de Ibiza

Contrary to the name, the top note of sweet lemon is what dominates here, with green herby notes in supporting roles. I hate to say it but it actually smells exactly like Jean Nate toner, which I haven't thought about since I was in fifth grade and my best friend, who owned a bottle, flaunted it as a totem of maturity. That said, Hierbas is not unpleasant -- at least not once the top note dies down a bit -- but it's simplistic and one-dimensional. If you are a real lover of herby fragrances, this one is going to disappoint. What you get is an overwhelming blast of candied lemon, undergirded by some generic and synthetic smelling green notes. Over time the distinct quality of these notes seems to fade and one is left with a pleasant and inoffensive smell, like freshly folded laundry. Staying power and spillage are moderate.

March 17, 2013
15th March, 2013 (last edited: 18th March, 2013)
This fragrance is light, fresh AND refreshing. I'm so pleased to find a scent that is unique and doesn't smell homogenised like so many others. It evokes summer, sea, vacation, beach. I love it. Their solid cologne is very long lasting. It's more than just citrus, it is a traditional Spanish scent with a contemporary twist. It's definitely unisex. If you haven't been to Ibiza, you will feel as if you have once you experience this. Its my new go to scent to lift me up!!
20th April, 2010
The problem with a lot of citrus colognes, imho, is that they smell like orange blossoms rather than actual citrus fruits. Hierbas de Ibiza is a prime example: I get almost nothing out of it apart from the powdery, sticky sweetness of orange blossom. Well, maybe about two seconds of refreshing lemon juice in the very topnote. My girlfriend thought it smelled like "hotel soap", and I can't get rid of the association with hotel cleaning products. Not bad if you like orange blossom, I guess, but I really don't.
24th April, 2009
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United States
Based solely on the words I'm about to write and you're about to read, HdI sounds like my ideal: "A lemony opening rides a trail of green herbs to a mildly sweet floral ending." The problem comes in that the scent lacks some of the femininity I'd like, and the whole experience is short lived. I like greens under almost any circumstances, but the lemon-and-floral effect was idealized for me when I learned to use a lemon soap in conjunction with La Chasse aux Papillons. The fragrance was fleeting but wowing. The search goes on. (I'm indebted to Chestnut for advancing my experiences in this category. Thank you, C!)
05th January, 2009
Yet another amazing lemon scent. I love the smell of lemons and this one is a good mix of tartness, zest and sweetness found in the combination of my other favorite lemon scents: Homme de Gres, Lacoste (original) and AoS Lemon. The herbs and a floral note in this makes it much more interesting than most. Very nice!
09th August, 2008
I'm picky about anything with a dominant lemon note, so this endorsement is a highly favorable vote. Hierbas de Ibeza is as glorious as a sunny day, as clean as morning. This citrus accord is made fresh by thyme, lavendar, sage, and verbena. It is gently sweetened by jasmine, orange blossom, and a smooth vanilla base. I'm writing these notes down from the website, but I only actually smell a single, perfectly blended lemon accord. Carry this one around as the one bottle you need to pack for your summer vacation.
18th July, 2008

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