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l'eau de parfum #3 green, green, green and green
by Miller et Bertaux


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About l'eau de parfum #3 green, green, green and green

l'eau de parfum #3 green, green, green and green is a shared / unisex perfume by Miller et Bertaux.

l'eau de parfum #3 green, green, green and green fragrance notes

Reviews of l'eau de parfum #3 green, green, green and green

To say this smells green is an understatement. It covers a broad spectrum of green from the hesperidic citrus-green of verbena, to the more aromatic spicy-woody-green of petitgrain right down to the drier bitter/resinous herbals of rosemary and thyme.

As much as I enjoy green fragrances, I don't find this Miller et Bertaux eminently wearable - it's green overload for me, smelling abundantly of culinary herbs. To be honest, the first hour wore rather uncomfortably, I felt like a piece of marinating meat waiting to be roasted.
18th March, 2013
Neutral rating: Pros -- Well-blended, pleasant *green*; Cons -- been there, done that

I agree with the reviews here detailing the notes and their progression (or lack thereof). It's a completely comfortable wear, non-demanding, and refreshing in a coconut water way -- not quite water, not quite coconut. As Odysseusm points out, it does dry down in a distinctly woody direction, contrary to its name.

G,G,G,G does have an Ellena Jardin feel to it, with none of the unique notes that either mar or make those scents (green mango, tomato leaf, etc.) It's closest to an Artisan fragrance in its minimalism and lightness -- but with slightly more lasting power. If you like Fleur de Liane, but would like something less floral, more green, or Philosykos with an added citrus-verbena brightness, this might be for you. I don't think it's worth the niche mark-up.
26th April, 2012
Greenx4 opens with a bright verbena note layered with various "green" notes. A floral note emerges shortly into the progression, and at this point, I detect a resemblance to Chanel Eau de Cologne, one of the best eau de colognes available. Greenx4 begins to fade after about one hour, settling into a light musk base. As Greenx4 settles into the base, woody notes appear. At this time, the scent is so close to the skin that it is difficult to detect the emerging notes. As its name suggests, Greenx4 stays green. It reminds me of a stroll through the historic streets of Charleston, South Carolina during the spring; gardens, jasmine, beautiful architecture. I enjoy Greenx4, but I wish it had more staying power. Nice but fleeting, somewhat like a spur of the moment spring vacation.
22nd December, 2011
A great green scent in the manner of Mugler Cologne and Creed OV. Smooth and long lasting. Definitely worth a side by side comparison with the other two. Nicely accented with woods and vetiver to add depth to the sappy, grassy, laurel character.
30th September, 2011
THere's no denying the fact that this is a GREEN fragrance. This is a very citrusy, sappy green. Very lively. Very similar to Guerlain's Vetiver that's out now minus a tobacco accord.
17th January, 2009
Miller et Bertaux's "Green, Green, Green, Green's" top note smells just like the scent of a freshly broken branch of a young tree mixed with a generous helping of fresh coriander. It is quite bracing and almost too sharp to my nose. However, after about 5-10 minutes, lemon verbena and jasmine arrive to prune back the sharp green claws and then it evolves into a soft lemony floral fragrance which is clearly well made. I detected a slight hint of vetiver in the end but this fragrance dies pretty quickly so you really have to be on the lookout for it.

Similar perfumes to Green, Green, Green, Green (what an annoying name!) are: a) Hampton Sun's Privet Bloom which is a tiny bit fresher and prettier, and b) Nanadebary Green which is warmer and has a more pronounced green tea note.

Here are the notes, courtesy of The Perfumed Court: laurel, bay leaves, verbena, sap, coriander, jasmine, cedar, vetiver and musk.
19th September, 2008

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