l'eau de parfum #1 (for you) / parfum trouvé
    by Miller et Bertaux

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    l'eau de parfum #1 (for you) / parfum trouvé information

    l'eau de parfum #1 (for you) / parfum trouvé is a unisex fragrance by Miller et Bertaux.

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    L’eau de parfume #1 reminds me of not one, but two of my favorite fragrances. It opens with a clean floral with light spices and hints of dried fruit, and this combination immediately hits me as a translucent version of Arabie… a delicate Arabie to be sure, but the fruity / spicy elements are there. The next fragrance I’m reminded of comes with the heart notes… Immediately upon the ebbing of the opening spicy florals there are hints of Shiseido Feminite du Bois… probably because of the spices and the cedar wood. But this fragrance is not a layering of Arabie and Feminite duBois… it is too sheer and light for that and the touch of incense makes it ethereal. #1 is beautifully subtle in the projection of its woody gourmand accords. The sillage is light, but this is not a skin scent – it wisps out traces of spice, cedar, chutney, and incense. Soft, gentle and feminine, #1 is yet another masterful, ingenious creation of Miller et Bertaux…

    10th May, 2010

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    Germany Germany

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    Very strange perfume.

    For me, this is a little spicy, fruity, alcoholic, like raisins (maybe prunes?) in malaga wine. Reminds me a lot of the taste of malaga ice cream. Also, I detect a strange mellow note that reminds me of cooked chestnuts. Not at all powdery on my skin. I do not get any iris.

    This gourmand style is balanced by some woody notes.

    Probably a scent that you have to wear for a while before you start to like it. At the moment, I don't.

    28th August, 2009

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    Canada Canada

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    Fragrance elements: white lily, purple iris, ylang-ylang, “a chutney of spices,” cedar, sandalwood, rosewood, musk.
    The floral notes are sweet and quite lovely. There is something like pear or tropical fruit here. I don’t get any spices. Hint of sweet rosewood, some musk. Develops an irritating element, perhaps it is the iris/lily combo which gets too powdery for me. Not my style but I thought I’d see what it is like. I don’t care for it, and I don’t think I’d like to smell it on anyone else.

    21st September, 2008

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