Écume de Rose (2002)
by Les Parfums de Rosine


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Year of Launch2002
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseLes Parfums de Rosine
PerfumerFrançois Robert

About Écume de Rose

Écume de Rose is a feminine perfume by Les Parfums de Rosine. The scent was launched in 2002 and the fragrance was created by perfumer François Robert

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Reviews of Écume de Rose

Écume de Rose has been my favourite rose perfume for years.It is dry and salty but not harsh or masculine even though it can be worn equally well by men in my opionion.It smells like a rose at the seaside.
What is amazing is that it manages to be very rosey yet very wearable also in formal conditions like work.I think the vetiver note in the drydown is responsible for that.I can't smell any sweetness by ambery notes in it.

I absolutely adore this rose and love to wear this to Baltic Sea resorts in autumn where it harmonizes perfectly with the scent of the air.
16th January, 2014
Light, powdery rose with the merest sprinkle of salt and pepper on its brow. Can't really vouch for it as it refuses to speak up and be heard.
18th May, 2012
Hmmm ... Bought a sample pack of all the Rosine scents from the boutique in Paris last month. It's a delightful treasure chest of gorgeous rose scents. There will inevitably be a weakest scent and thus far Ecume is in that position. I'm spoilt by Zeste de Rose for lemon- tea freshness, a better light and fresh pairing with rose than the sea spray in Ecume. Twill Rose has a more manly air than Ecume. Feels like the bases have been covered by other, more distinctive, offerings from Rosine. It's not that this is a bad scent, but that it fails to light my fire.
17th April, 2012
I was curious about Les parfums de Rosine when I read they released Diabolo Rose, a rose and mint combination but was slightly disappointed for the lack of it's unisex appeal and weak mint note.
However I found Écume de Rose ("sea spray of the rose") which centers around dune roses. Shortly before that I had read about a roomspray by Frederic Malle called Rosa Rugosa described as "The dry, cold, almost astringent-like scent of wild rose bushes which grow against the wind on the Atlantic coast." (I have yet to smell it) and this is exactly what I get from Écume de Rose. I imagine it to one of summer's last roses, a wild rose that withstands the first cold and windy days of fall which carry the sea's salt through the air into the dunes to those light pink/ white dewy roses. Really, this rose has an astringent and cold effect and at the same time I can smell the sea, a very subtle and classy marine note and the water drops of rain showers on the leaves... this rose is never too sweet and the drydown is even my favorite part when the vetiver in the base comes out a little more.
All in all a very melancholic fragrance.
16th April, 2012 (last edited: 30th June, 2012)
A rose meant for a man. Gender bedning and centric fragrance bias be damned. In my opinion, this aquatic and salty rose is one of those fragrances that can be worn by a man that's confident and brooding without getting into dark and sinister. Think of a light-hearted villain in a movie that, in the climax of the film, is revealed to have been good guy all along. I guess what I['m saying is is that I'm a bit confused by the scent's light rose and marine qualities combined. Not a sweet rose but a very astringent one. Different but didn't peak my interest enough to like it.
11th January, 2010
I’d be hard-pressed to think of a fragrance combination more likely to appeal to me than wild beach roses and salt spray, and this has all the atmosphere and wistfulness I could want. The opening is fresh and leafy, then it quiets for a while, but when I think it’s another short-lived waste of time, all the notes open and the vista is exposed, and there are the roses born on their tangled old wood, and a sea wind carrying salt and minerals inland. The oceanic effect is coolly created from vetiver and musk in the base, and it - thankfully - doesn’t turn sweet in the drydown. It’s never very loud on me, although I’ve gotten compliments on it long after I’d thought it had gone.
10th May, 2008

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