Début (2004)
    by Delrae

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    I find this to be a fairly successful rendering of Lilly-of-the-valley. It is pleasantly sweet and green to my nose. It reminds me of springtime and great silage for such a delicate scent. Rather remarkable.

    26 January, 2014

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    Opens as a promising indolic white floral but quickly develops into the scent of pub toilets. But I agree with JaimeB that linden is a key player in this, and it's a tricky note to pull off. I think I prefer Andy Tauer's Zeta for a linden-centric perfume but will do a sniff-test and report back!

    26 April, 2013

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    Debut is a lily floral to my nose, but it opens with such a tart and green burst that it is almost offputting. It is very, very green. The florals are present almost from the start though, with the lily slowly gaining hold. Even as the lily continues to unfold, the fragrance stays green and tart.

    The saving grace for me, although I love lily fragrances, is the emergence of a linden note. The linden seems to balance out the harshness of the green, and the thick, headiness of the lily. This blend sits for hours as a beautifully executed, soft, pillowy white floral blend. It finishes with soft woods and musk.

    I would imagine that this Delrae has many fans, as it is certainly easy to wear, after the bitter opening, and also is very well executed. This one seems a little more subdued than several of the other Delrae fragrances that I have tried or own, but is not without it's substance.

    The neutral rating is for the harsh opening that, to me, continues on into the heart, leaving this fairly difficult for me to wear. Just my taste though.

    24 March, 2013

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    Debut by Delrae - Upon application, one is treated to a pleasant plume of vivacious lushness from green leaves along with sweet and fruity ylang-ylang wafting on a winsome cloud of bittersweetness furnished by bergamot and lime. Floating to the floral middle, cool verdancy dominates with the fresh, green lily-of-the-valley, slightly sweet and bitter linden blossom as well as light, semi-sweet cyclamen. Aldehydes enhance the brilliance of the florals; and indoles supply a faint inky underpinning. This alluring pas de trois meanders to the waiting base. Robust vetiver predominates the base with its scent of dried field grass and accompanying clean earth, wonderfully tempered by creamy sandalwood and warm, skin-like musk. An appealing dry down ensues. This airy and distinctive composition has very good longevity and sillage/projection - easy on the trigger is the catchphrase here.

    02 January, 2012

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    The opening is sharp & green on me, almost bitter, with notes of lime & cut grass. l like the middle phase best, when floral notes of lily of the valley & something like lilac come through. l've never smelled linden blossom, so l can only assume that's what l'm smelling here. Later on the vetiver makes an appearance, & it becomes quite masculine again. l can definitely see this working on a man. This fragrance isn't really me, l find it much too tart & green, but it's very well structured, interesting & high quality, with good sillage & longevity, therefore l'm giving it a thumbs up.

    03 February, 2011

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    I love all things Delrae (and all things Roudnitzka) and again - let's hear it for body chemistry.

    On me Debut comes flying out with muguet (I frequently bypass the top and sometimes middle notes and go straight to the heart or soul of things. What can I tell you.) Swiftly mingled with linden but none of the lime others have mentioned. Over time it mellows. It's lightly green (that there vetiver) and the musk unnoticeable. On me.

    Part of Gemini me is Old School and I love these full-bodied florals. Can't imagine this on a guy.

    24 July, 2010

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