Russian Caravan Tea (2005)
    by CB I Hate Perfume

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    Russian Caravan Tea information

    Russian Caravan Tea is a unisex fragrance by CB I Hate Perfume. The scent was launched in 2005

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    United States United States

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    Genre: Woody Oriental

    This is a light green tea, leafy and bittersweet, without any of the smoke and spices I associate with a Russian caravan. It seems very thin at the start, with a faint sour note that I can't quite place. The sour note tones down within an hour to leave a very simple, transparent tea.

    There isn't much projection, so Russian Caravan Tea is strictly a skin scent. It doesn't develop much with time, either, except for revealing a very mild floral character before fading altogether. It's a very pleasant scent, but certainly not exciting. There are more complex and interesting tea scents out there, and many of them last a whole lot longer than this one.

    01st July, 2014

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    I ordered 3 samples from CB IHP and this was my favorite. It's a little sweeter than I expected, and very reminiscent of Earl Grey tea. I love the absence of floral notes and gag-y perfume-ness. The downside is that it really doesn't last more than a few hours, so I will probably not buy a larger size. (The other 2 samples I received were Under the Arbor, which to me smells exactly like grape koolaid, and Memory of Kindness, which is ok, but I like this one better.)

    27 November, 2013

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    United States United States

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    Smells a lot like Tom Ford Grey Vetiver

    Nice scent, does smell like tea (roses, lemon, something metallic). I detect NO smokiness, which is a staple of Russian Caravan tea (blended with Lapsang Souchong). Disappointed it has no smoky note. Otherwise it's a nice rose scent with some sort of vetiver-verbena lemon grass note that makes it smell sorta like tea.

    03 October, 2011

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    Singapore Singapore

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    RUSSIAN CARAVAN TEA starts off deceptively weak but gains in substance as the water base dries off. It recalls the aroma of a lightly spiced and fruit-infused tea which I find a little smoky as though the dried tea leaves are burnt slightly. I have always enjoyed tea-based scents and this composition from Christopher Brosius is a delight even if 'wearability' is not its strongest suit.

    *** This review is of the water perfume, not the absolute ***

    06 December, 2009

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    Japan Japan

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    This is very pleasant, a slightly sweet, musty, milk tea. I don't really get the citrus notes others are smelling nor is it particularly bright. On my skin there's a gentle sadness to it and there's a nice sense of refined sophistication. . Great longevity too despite not being powerful at any point. I wouldn't insist anybody buys it but as something a little different it's definitely worth trying.

    30th June, 2009

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    Remember powdered Nestle's Sweetened Iced Tea mix? This is exactly that scent. I can't say I dislike it because RCT reminds me of carefree summer vacations as a child - much to my parent's dismay I drank gallons of the stuff. I can't say I like it because I don't want to smell like sweetened iced tea. Amazing how CB I Hate Perfume can capture these essences.

    16 March, 2009

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