L'Âme soeur (2004)
    by Divine

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    Netherlands Netherlands

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    Aldehydic veils cloak the start of this light-as-cologne creation; there’s something fresh, metallic and sharp in the mix, like violet leaves. The aldehydes soon subside into wispy powders, with a nice ‘wide open’ sweetness (possibly gifted by the coumarin-heavy liatrix?) balancing the sharper aspects. The main event, however, is a fruity, pretty watered down, raspberry rose. Has a classic French perfume feel what with the aldehydic haziness (shorthand for ‘sophistication’ for the French it would seem) and generally abstracted air, but this also drags it into the ‘nice but nondescript’ category for me. The overall feel has a nodding acquaintance with Chanel No 5 and Baghari, but without the dynamism of those fragrances. Long lasting. Also exists in an extrait version which I haven’t tried.

    21st September, 2012

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    Italy Italy

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    All the feminine fragrances by Divine that I tried so far, striked me as incredibly classic, especially if compared to their masculines which usually have a remarkable modern twist. L'Ame Coeur makes no exception with its clear french perfumery vibe.

    An extremely feminine concoction of sparkling aldehydes and clean florals with fruity undertones. Evolves into a powdery, long lasting, drydown. IMO there are no reasons to choose this over the millions of better compositions of the same genre available on the market but, it can be pretty cool assuming you're into classic yet quite youthful fragrances. Sort of "post-Chanel" kind of stuff.

    26 October, 2011

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    United States United States

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    When I first donned Divine L'AME SOEUR, I had a difficult time placing what precisely it was that this perfume was reminding me of. It wasn't flowers; it wasn't another perfume; it wasn't a cleaning product; and it wasn't a shampoo or conditioner. And then suddenly it popped into my mind: the organic chemistry lab where I did research as an undergraduate! L'AME SOEUR smells to me like the swirling solvents in the flasks clamped at various stations throughout the large laboratory where several graduate students spent virtually all of their working days and I spent a fair amount of time myself. Could it be benzene that I recognize in this composition? Let us hope not, since that solvent has been determined to be carcinogenic. Well, whichever liquid L'AME SOEUR is reminding me of, it's not something that I'd want to wear as perfume.

    Although the alkaline quality of this composition is vaguely reminiscent of the Keiko Mecheri LOUKHOUM perfumes and also Stella Cadente MISS ME, here it is not accompanied by nutty turrón and just smells like an organic chemistry solvent to me--not at all like a floral aldehyde perfume (Chanel no. 5, White Linen, Calèche, Fleurs de Rocaille, Arpège...). Désolée.

    11th September, 2011

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    United States United States

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    My new favorite among Divine's scents -- and I don't normally like fruity frags! (This is what Tresor could have/should have been.)

    This is rich, potent, feminine, heady stuff -- definitely not unisex, and most assuredly not shy.

    Explosive opening of aldehydes and ylang-ylang that soon dries down into a soft, powdery feminine seductress of a scent. (The longer it lasts -- and that's a long time -- the more powdery it becomes.)

    By all rights, this uber-feminine, quintessentially aldehydic, remarkably powdery and terribly French frag should have been put out in the Thirties or Forties, not in the last decade.

    Try before you buy.

    19 March, 2009

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    Poland Poland

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    the first scent is almost alcoholic - like the old "98% alcohol" perfumes in the Eastern block countries.
    then it's nice.
    a scent to wear to casual occasions.gives the sense of feminity.

    12 July, 2008

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    Italy Italy

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    Starting as an ordinary "aldehydate", it soon shows its grandeur: full and voluptuos flowers, amber and vanilla on the sweet, powdered and sensual bottom line. A good fragrance, smart and too much sensual, thrilling and quite classic. A seducing firework, on the right woman.

    02 May, 2007

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