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Antonia's Flowers (1985)
by Antonia's Flowers


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Year of Launch1985
AvailabilityIn Production
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Antonia's Flowers is a feminine perfume by Antonia's Flowers. The scent was launched in 1985

Reviews of Antonia's Flowers

When I was a child, my mother sold flowers to Antonia for her flower shop for a short time. She was making the perfume in small, unlabeled bottles... I fell in love with it; it was the first perfume that truly resonated with me. Very sweet but airy and light, nothing powdery or stifling about it. Very unique and thus recognizable, one of those fragrances that is simply too flowery for some but very true to the blowsy, dewy scent of flowers (mostly freesia, for sure) growing in a garden.
17th April, 2012
I didn't enjoy this at all. It was very strong and the freesia was too much to take.
06th March, 2012
Imagine the smell of yellow freesia's....strong, spicy, fresh and clean. Those are the opening notes of Antonia's flowers. After the initial dry off, it settles down to a fine fresh freesia, with a hint of carnation and bergamot to my nose....good longevity, just the right amount of sillage, and fun to wear. My nose does not detect the soapy. I don't care whether I am a male wearing a feminine fragrance. It is one of my favorites.
22nd June, 2011
For the first fifteen minutes or so it's difficult to pick out individual notes here, it's just a bunch of fresh, sweet flowers. Then suddenly the most beautiful freesia note throws itself forward with lots of sillage, it's very true to the real flower & just keeps on going. lt's quite a retro scent, but perfect if you want to smell like a spring flower, & very good quality. Nice!
13th September, 2010
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United States
This is available in EDP, EDT and pure parfum, (which sells as Absoluto).
I prefer the EDP over the EDT, which is a very pleasant, non-jarring floral.

however, i was WOWED by Absoluto, so I"ll focus on htat one. Absoluto is a luscious, sharp, gloriously crafted floral green. Picture yourself stepping out into a verdant valley in springtime, blanketed by wild flowers and saturated with warm sunshine.

it opens a little dry, as there is no rose here to add that dewy touch. All of the notes are on the raspy side, which is why the verdant valley is in the rockies and not in a tropical paradise. What i love, though, is how clean, crisp and vibrant this wears.

I'll even say, quietly, that I'm debating between Chamade and Absoluto. Will most likely get both - This one is irresistible.
04th April, 2010
I found this fragrance when I was 21. It set the bar for me. Although the freesia is what attracted me, I kept feeling as if I was smelling a hint of Earl Grey tea, only to later learn that that was Bergamot, not tea. Like my screen name says, I'm a newbie to the nuances of the world of fragrance. I was surprised to read that Bergamot is not one of the "scents", overtone, undertone, base scent, whatever it's called (sorry for those who are offended by ignorance, but feel free to enlighten me) in this fragrance. I still smell it, though, as though it were similar to Earl Grey tea in some way. When I ran out years ago, the store I bought it from no longer carried it, and I had not been able to find it locally. I searched in vain for a fragrance similar to Antonia's Flowers. Last week I finally found it again-- online-- and I felt as if a close friend had come home from a long absence.
25th January, 2010

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